For the longest time I’ve wanted to start a blog, but never considered myself interested or specialized in any subject that was worth dragging out. What I really loved doing was talking about how much I want to live my life and how good I wanted to feel in the short amount of time I have here on earth. As time passed me by, I realized I was missing on the great opportunities of sharing new ideas,  revolutionary books, and awesome experiences with anyone who is in the spiritual journey of becoming a better version of themselves.

At 23 years old, I realized I haven’t done the things  I’ve always dreamed and been capable of doing. I expected my life to be very different than it is now, but I’ve noticed every year it’s been progressively getting a bit better. So now to make up on all the  lost time I’ve spent being stagnant, I decided to really live life. This is the year where I am going change my mindset and  do  every single thing on my to do list  I want you to follow my journey, so you can get inspired to do the same. Do whatever the f**k will put a grandiose and genuine smile on your face,even if you think your goals are fart fetched, just write it down, please.

On December 31, 2015, I made a promise to myself to really start living my life the way I’ve always dreamed of. I was no longer going to make myself a victim of any burdens or make excuses for any circumstances that may prevent me from living a HAPPY, PEACEFUL AND THEY WAY I SEE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE . I made a vow to enjoy every second of my life, weather it be good or bad.

I’ve become obsessed with the fact I  don’t want to waste this precious time and will use every minute of the day to live in the moment,audit my thoughts and  discover who I really am. I want to help myself strive with my aspirations and inspire anyone who has ever felt trapped with their lives.   Up to this point, I’ve done everything that society expects is great, get my degree, have a title at work, buy a car, live on my own, etc., but I have yet been really satisfied.

In my head, I have imagined all these grandiose things I should be doing,  I fantasize and daydream SOOO much  I have restricted myself to believe that those are only fantasies. After so many people i have met, so many stories i have read, and self help books i have encountered, that’s not true. If i have the energy to think of these “mini movies” in my head it’s because I am more than capable of doing this. I am more capable of making my life the WAY I WANT. I don’t know exactly what is my life calling, but i do know i don’t want to spend my life in idleness making someone else’s dream come true.

So I want to share the beginning of my new life with everyone. I feel if i put my goals out there big or small then i am more motivated to show people that anyone is capable of doing anything that the mind thinks of.

Goals for 2016:

  1. Create a blog and update it daily
  2. Own my own business  ( my online boutique
  3. Buy  my first home
  4. Grow out my nails
  5. Cut my sugar intake
  6. Quit my 9-5 marketing job
  7. Own a small fishing boat
  8. Learn to Samba
  9. keep a journal ( as of today I know have gone through 4)
  10. Host a dinner party,
  11. Travel to any of the 2 following countries: Florence,Italy, Greece, Argentina, fiji, Thailand, Monaco, French Riveria, Rio De Janeiro
  12. Fall in love with myself
  13. Jet-ski
  14. Volunteer at an orphanage
  15. Make a viral post
  16. Paint an awesome drawing
  17. Inspire someone
  18. Be on the cover of a magazine
  19. Surprise visit a family member or best friend
  20. Learn Portuguese
  21. Public Speak Somewhere
  22. Go to a comedy show
  23. Go on a gondola ride
  24. Buy my world cup ticket for 2018
  25. Go see Roger Federer Play
  26. Help the homeless
  27. Donate $1000 to a person/people in need
  28. Control my anxiety
  29. Get in the best shape of my life
  30. Make sushi
  31. Go to my first concert
  32. Go on my first cruise
  33. Get up and get a plane ticket to go anywhere.
  34. Ride a roller coaster, get over this fear.
  35. Sign an autograph for someone
  36. Get an awesome foot massage
  37. Learn to Meditate
  38. Visit a natural Spring
  39. Ride a horse
  40. Own a parrot
  41. See a lion
  42. Swim with dolphins
  43. Go Hiking
  44. Have my own line of products
  45. Live in a different city outside of United States
  46. Get back in the sun more. At least an hour a day
  47. Have at least 2 servings of veggies daily.
  48. Make new authentic friends… and keep them
  49. Learn to not get my hopes up
  50. Start a business with my internet marketing/SEO services.
  51. Attend an awesome party

Before you go and judge my list and think this is just ridiculous, I will tell you what is ridiculous and that is believing you are limited to not doing certain things. I am not rich, i don’t have all the money to go and do these things at once, but what i do have is ambition and a plan. I have a strategy that I intend to implement to fulfill these goals and I will explain that in the next blog post. As of now, i took the first step and writing this has felt so natural. I didn’t have to think twice about anything that I was typing, I have a lot of other things i want to share and pieces of me that i want to show, when I feel comfortable enough.

Here’s to not being afraid to give myself everything I’ve ever wanted in life.




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