About Me

My name is Stacy, founder of Refine by Nature, and thank you so much for taking the time to learn about my vision and mission!

My passion in life has always been to take care of myself and those I love, through natural and holistic solutions.

The mission of Refine By Nature is simple: Purify your body, mind, soul from everyday toxic accumulation to get optimal health through unrefined natural means.

I’ve been inspired to write this blog due to the  true peace i found whenever I indulged in taking care of myself.  Growing up, I’ve been put through stressful situations I didn’t know how to cope with, which eventually began to take a toll on my physical and mental health. My stress  eventually manifested into many different physical ailments and bad habits and never had a controlled solution to alleviate my stress.

Once I noticed a correlation of my toxic environment and physical health,  I decided to search for the root cause of my underlying issues to finally get rid of anything that bothered me.From my personal experience and research I’ve learned that health is a holistic perspective, it isn’t merely the absence of disease or symptoms; it is a state of optimal well being, vitality, and wholeness.

This led me to traditional systems of medicine, and taught me that  physical illness has an emotional and spiritual aspect as well. Up to this point I’ve learned and implemented many ways on how to avoid and remove toxins from your body, the root causes and deficiencies behind illness, alternative remedies, and more.

I have come such a long way from the bad habit’s of my past, that I can’t help to love myself unconditionally in this amazing journey. I hope to motivate others by sharing my my experiences, investigations, and research and truly hope other’s can experience the  peace,love and happiness I have been able to find when I take care of myself.

Life is too short to not become the best version of ourselves. Whatever was done in the past is done, but from this minute forward  we can try to make every single day of our live’s wonderful, because we have the power to do so.  We ALL have the amazing potential to heal and transform ourselves through our thoughts, perceptions, and choices. The body is a magnificent network of intelligence, capable of far more than current medical science can explain.

I hope you  join in on the  journey to make life just a little bit more easier and happier.

Thank you for being part of our Refine By Nature Community.

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