It’s so easy to thank God/Universe when things go great, but how do we keep the faith when times get tough?  Much of the time its harder than what we would like.

In an instant things can turn for the worst.  Life can be turned upside and  you feel you have this dark cloud walking over you everywhere. When you get the bad news and the appearance of life is now shaking you, try to remember to say one of the three prayers( or all) during the time of need:

Ask For Help

If you feel stuck spiritually,  take a chance on the universe, and let the Truth from you heart come out on what is you need healed.

Silence can be prayer, rage be prayer, as long as you’re telling the truth of your heart , deepest part of our heart that’s prayer.

When a challenge arises in your life, don’t forget to ask for help. We were not born to suffer, but to flourish. I am 100% convinced in that. There’s so much abundance and beauty in this world, that you can ask the higher calling to help you navigate through any hurdles. It’s happened to many people and can and will happen to you as long as you surrender for help

Thank You For Giving

None of us know what in the world we are doing, but we need to say thank you. Even during the bad times say thank you, because you know there is a rainbow in every cloud. Wherever you are right now, you are going to come out of the other side, because whatever it is you’re going to get right out of it.

Get in the habit for saying thanks for tender mercy’s. We are here to love and endure the beams of loves, and if you’re heart is open, you can find an opportunity of love everywhere you go,.

My new wrist tattoo of a heart to remind me to love daily and keep my heart open.

If you’re heart is open you start flirting with it. If you understand why we are here you start understanding we are here to give. We are naturally wired to give. We can create the love we were not feeling. We start creating this energy and it will go everywhere with yo, at the supermarket, DMV, post office. There is always an opportunity to let it through. The culture tells you if you do well enough, then so much love will come your way. But don’t wait. Immerse in it and breathe into every fiber of your body. Let love come in and say thank you in the midst of turmoil.

Don’t Forget to Say..WOW!

First thing in the morning say WOW! WOW, for Another shot of breath!

Have you ever seen how your dog looks at you in the morning? They give you a ministry of love like this isn’t the 435th morning they have seen you. You are their wow every single time you enter through that door. Say wow for those little things. Wow for breathing, wow for every kiss from your love. WOW for every butterfly that passes. Like look at you. Look at how beautiful you are.

Just remember GOD/Universe can be an acronym for good direction, faith, we see slivers of it everywhere. I have a belief no force is responsible for creating the chaos, but the help appears in a good friend, the helpers, that’s where god is going to be.  God is in the help, the healing, the crying, the tears help you cleanse, bath, and hydrate the earth.  Help is the prayer of surrender.

We live in the hope of truth, in the hope of light. To hope is to make you vulnerable, to be in armor is what the world teaches you to do. 

But when you’re in hope you’re trying  to get from a very bad and scary place to a place where you can breathe and get the sunlight, and you will be ok 100% of the time in my experience.  Remember that your feelings are an inside job even if there is a storm around. I won’t lie to you, this takes time to master this art.

Become an alchemist and choose to feel good during turmoil. That pain will give will be INTENSE BUT BECOME A  BEAUTIFUL BREAKTHROUGH!

If you’re going through a bad time appreciate the sacredness in everyday life and leave your heart open, it’s how you’ll be able to heal the wounded parts of you  to become whole again.

On March 11, 2017 I had a beach date that I was long waiting to go to. Of course, that day was also the day my period wanted to tag along. 

There was no way I was going to make that an excuse to not go, so on the way to the beach, I told him I had to stop at the nearest CVS to get pads, but to my dismay, he said he had a tampon inside the car.

I looked at it in absolute terror wondering how am I going put my first tampon on ever( I’ve never used one in the 24 years of living) . All I could remember was the anxiety hitting me as we drove to the nearest bathroom.

Here I was with a tampon in a public restroom and no clue what to do. I had no box, no instructions.  Naturally, I called my best friend, Shaina, for guidance. She helped me, repeatedly and patiently instructing me over the phone what to do. After many failed attempts, I think I finally got it right.  

I thought it was secure, it felt really weird. But it was done. I sat in the car with a light sweat, on our way to the beach.

The day goes by I finally had the blood rush down, no spotting occurred, so I did it right-  I thought.

The day unwinds and we’re getting ready to go out and celebrate a friend’s birthday that night. I am ready to take the damn thing off, but found no string.

My heart drops to my stomach.

Not only were we in a rush to leave, I had locked myself in some guy’s bathroom I barely knew.  Here I was in his bathroom, searching for a tampon, thinking my worst nightmare came alive at the worst time.

I tried going in there and nothing. The deeper I would go searching, the more it would hurt. The pain was unbearable.  I did everything a person one can possibly do :

Fill a bathtub with water for easy removal
Push like crazy
Jump up and down
Put one leg up to remove the string

Again, I called Shaina, in despair. She tried so hard to help me, but almost one hour later, nothing.

I eventually had to tell him, I didn’t know how to break it to him. He couldn’t believe it and tried helping in his own way, but everything he suggested I had tried. I gave up and got myself ready to go out and I tried not to think of it. All I remember wishfully thinking is that it has to come out soon.

I try to enjoy the night, I did not want to drink anything but water, and in the back of my head couldn’t stop thinking of what was now a 10-hour tampon, stuck inside of me.

I woke up the next day, everything felt normal. Body functions are a-okay, I have energy, life is great! I was starting to doubt if there even was a tampon inside of me.

But I low-key took precaution. I start thinking, if I drink a lot of water, it’ll come out somehow. So, I started carrying a gallon of alkaline water with me. Now by this rate some of you thinking why didn’t I go to the doctors and get it checked?

My answer to you is, have you ever made a dumb choice in your life and think it would be ok even though you knew what you had to do?

OK. then. Let me continue.

Plus I had no health insurance at the time, and with my wishful thinking, I was certain this tampon would come out on its own.

72 Hours later – Introduction of Scorching Hot Baths

I feel a slight swelling in my lower abdominal area. I feel really gassy and a little more tired than usual. I think to myself I am fine. If the tampon was really in there, I would’ve been dead by now. I refused to look up Toxic Shock Syndrome.

TSS happens when certain types of bacteria produce a dangerous toxin that can send the body into shock and make our vital organs fail, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It can be treated, but it may be fatal in up to 50% of cases, the NIH reports.

I did not need to preoccupy my mind with a horror story. So I turned a blind eye on all that could be wrong and concerned myself with healing.  So I made up shit as I went. One of them began with hot baths.

I took really hot baths, to ease the abdominal swelling. My logic for the hot baths was hoping the hot water will disintegrate the tampon like the way paper does. I felt great afterward. I would look at myself and inspect every part of my body. After that, I felt great.

Day 5: Garlic Cloves For Sanity & My Only Source Of Antibiotics

Waking up in the mornings were becoming absolute hell. I felt the body aches you would get the flu, but the pain was worst because it was running along my spine. From the back of my neck down to my kidneys It felt I had slept with weights on top of me ALLLL night.

The pain started to subside once I peed. But now urinating and trying to get a functioning stool was becoming a real pain in the ass. I didn’t poop as well as I used too.

Every time I used the bathroom, I would try pushing this tampon out, until my face turned red.

By day 5 I started home made remedies.This is when raw garlic came into my life, heavily. I started reading about the powerful antibiotic garlic was and how it helps resolve an illness no matter what type of microbes are causing the problem – bacteria, virus, or fungus. Even a recent 2012 study by the Washington State University states that a compound from garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics used in the treatment of intestinal infections caused by the bacterium species Campylobacter bacterium. Many other scientific research projects suggest that raw garlic has incredible healing properties.

My remedies were something like this:

4 cloves of organic garlic mixed with neem powderI would smash them and let them sit out for 5-10 minutes so the allicin would start getting released. The allicin is basically the enzyme where you get all the amazing effects of garlic.

Followed by a homemade ginger shot
A hot cup of lemon water with apple cider vinegar
Followed by 2 tbsp of Probiotics
2 Echinacea Tablets
1 Pack of vitamin C

And I sprinkled turmeric on just about everything I ate to help with the inflammation.

By the afternoon I forced myself to go to the gym. The workouts would be ok, but I would crash immediately after with body chills 

And to end the day I amped up the hot baths by adding random healing ailments. My baths were now turning into hot soups.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Garlic
  • Lavender Oil
  • Tee Tree Oil
    Coconut oil
  • Sometimes rosemary sprigs- I was getting a little desperate by now.

My body would feel great.

I say to myself, I am fine. If it was serious, I would for sure have been dead by now.

Day 7: False Joy

I went to the gym and did some abs. I tried to do crunches with the inflamed stomach, and at one point I felt something come out. “ This was finally what I was waiting for, “ I thought. The strain of using my abdominal muscles, pushed down what I thought was the whole tampon. I ran to the bathroom and saw pieces.   I went home with joy and told my mom I think it came out. I did the hot bath, and water because, you know, just in case.

Day 9:  Fear For The Win

The pain was still there. I repeated the rituals but upped the dosage on the garlic. I went from 3 gloves a day to easily 8-9.

Sometimes in tea, sometimes crushed, even juiced. I did not care, it was my only form of antibiotics.

My way of thinking was if, the tampon was still in there, I will refuse to let any infection spread throughout my body.

But  I scaled up my dosages because the pain was lingering longer in my spine and accompanied really cold sweats, I would get really tired by 1 pm. The baths were getting hotter and longer, hoping it would disintegrate any pieces that were inside of me.

My eyes were looking really tired and puffy. I had no desire to even fix myself.

This was also the day  I met up with an old friend. We caught up on each other’s lives and I had to tell him what was going on with me and I was really scared I felt like I would not be able to ever be myself.

I told him, how the days felt so slow, my vision was really distorted and I had a new job to start in 2 days.  A contracting job that required me to in-house at the agency.

We spoke about business, about books and he mentioned something about his favorite chapter in the book he gave me, “Think Grow, Rich”. He asked me to go read chapter 3.

I told him I will, even though I knew I wasn’t going to. I could care less about opening any book. My health was my priority.

Day 10- The Mental Breakdown

I got invited to go to a pool party in Miami. I really wanted to go out and socialize and had all intentions of going.

The day was perfect, I felt really good for about two hours so I decided to treat myself to a wheatgrass shot before I went. A little while after, I was starting to feel tired. It was only 12:00 pm. So I thought about it and starting to think if it was a good idea to stay in the heat and drink alcohol when I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on with my body.

I went straight home, laid on my sofa and cried alone in the living room for 2 hours.  I cried for the pain to go away, For the first time I felt fear of death was winning.  I think I was sure hitting a breaking point here. The tease of feeling good, then bad, then worse, then good really was taking a toll on my mental health. I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

I boiled the hottest water and put it in my tub. Before jumping in I made a concoction of 12 garlic bulbs, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, a dab of coconut oil, raw honey, and onion, into a juice. I just needed the pain gone. I just wanted to be so healthy again.

I didn’t care how for once about my looks or any shallow things. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted to be 100% myself again and it looked like It wasn’t happening. My puffy hands looked like they were transforming into stiff gloves. It would hurt to even make a fist. I looked at my naked body and at my swollen stomach and just prayed to even poop again too. I barely had the energy to put on my clothes. My vision was getting worst too.

I went to my room I crawled into a fetal position and looked into my bookcase. I opened to chapter 3  of “Think, Grow, Rich”, titled: “Faith”

I felt as if I was being spoken to and the first words that popped out on my face were:

You may CONVINCE the subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask, and it will act upon that belief, which your subconscious mind passes back to you in the form of “FAITH,” followed by definite plans for procuring that which you desire. ALL THOUGHTS WHICH HAVE BEEN EMOTIONALIZED, (given feeling) AND MIXED WITH FAITH, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart. This is an appropriate place at which to suggest again that you may benefit, by passing on to your subconscious mind, any DESIRE which you wish translated into its physical, or monetary equivalent, in a state of expectancy or BELIEF that the transmutation will actually take place. Your BELIEF, or FAITH, is the element which determines the action of your subconscious mind. There is nothing to hinder you from “deceiving” your subconscious mind when giving it instructions through autosuggestion.“

I cried reading that pages. I don’t think I had the energy to read the whole chapter at the moment, but it was the first moment I felt OK. Actually, I was certain that this was a sign. To fight this or it will fight me. I took the challenge.


Day 14: Prisoner In My Own Body.

Very small parts started coming out the following days. Like pieces of dark paper, but no matter how much I looked for it, I seriously could not find this thing.

So  I was certain it was all gone.

But there would be times, especially after waking up where my head was feeling incredibly heavy and filled with so much pressure. I started thinking I would get an aneurysm. I stopped going to the gym. I go to work, but could not even focus. I literally stared at a blank screen for hours or wrote on paper affirmations, that I was going to be healthy again. I stopped crying because I refused to let this take over. My mind was the only thing I was able to control.

I now had a real deep and sacred relationship with everything I put in my body. I truly believed everything I put in my body was for me and not against me.  I still did the garlic about every 3 hours. My stomach would feel swollen at times, all I know I just wanted to sleep. I was already stressed out at the office, drinking water like crazy.  My thinking was all off, and listening to positive reinforcement and stories were keeping me sane.

I was only focusing on what I was going to to do the minute I felt like my old self again. Go out in the sun and exercise, enjoy all my foods without the feeling of discomfort. Be able to have the energy to laugh. The energy to go out o a dinner with my friends, without making an excuse. ( FYI no one besides 2 of my friends knew what was going on) I had no reason to go around telling others because I was very embarrassed). By this point: 

I missed sleeping well

I missed waking up with energy

I missed my glow

I missed eating

I missed having a healthy bowel movement

I missed my energy

I missed working well

I missed my friends

I missed socializing

I missed feeling myself

I missed my body so much. 

I felt like I was rotting from the inside and I was convinced I was showing it. No matter how much I tried taking care of myself every day, a little piece of me slowly felt like I was dying.

I felt like I was a total prisoner in my own body.

My mom tried to convince me to go to the medical appointments. I refused. I was extremely stupid to not take her advice. I was scared of hearing that I was going to need surgery or something worse.

I convinced her I was totally fine and that it’s probably all gone.  Whenever anxiety kicked in, I replaced it with loving thoughts.

Thoughts on how much I currently loved my body. How it was working so hard to keep me alive, and I appreciated it for it not collapsing on me so far. I looked at my body as a separate entity from me. My body was an actual machine that was doing everything it could to keep me functioning throughout it all.

I imagined what was going on inside there in my pelvic region, as I saw my swollen stomach. I imagine this was what expecting mothers would do, observe their body’s change and feel excited with joy and love as their body created another human.

Instead, my body wasn’t creating a life, it was doing everything to stay alive.

 Day 16: Paralyzed 

I woke up, what felt like in a paralyzed state. I couldn’t move my neck or back.  I was in absolutely excruciating pain. I had this stench that became super unbearable. I called my mom crying and yelled at her. It was my only way to let this pain escape. After I threw my phone, I don’t remember how I got up but I dragged myself on the floor to take a bath. I think by this time I had lost it… again.

My hands were puffy. My eyes were swollen and I had a blue tint to my skin. I did not look like myself.

No matter how much I tried to find it I could not find anything up there. At this rate what I was feeling today was the spreading of an infection or a side effect of it being removed. I had my ups and downs with my business, romance, finances, and now my health, the one thing I truly valued, it was slipping away from me. I did not want to lose my sanity and I had come to terms that day that I needed to go get checked out. 


I re-read the chapter on faith. I wrote in my journals about the first things I was going to do when I got better.

March 28- Day 17- Judgement Day

I don’t think I had eaten a full meal in days. I was pretty sure I lived off water gallons. I haven’t had a proper stool in forever. All I wanted was to finally have a great rest and meal. I was hoping when I got there, that there would be no signs of a bacterial infection that spread to my tissue, bones, blood, or organs.

I was sweating profusely, I did not want to show fear because I knew my mom would reciprocate it. I needed to remain as positive and calm as possible as I asked my mom to take me to the ER

 I cracked some jokes along the way to get my mind off my fate. We laughed at the reason when I wrote reason on my visit.

“Weeks old tampon stuck inside of me.”

I waited and I wrote my day out for tomorrow. Ready and actually excited. I listened to songs that brought my energy up. That comforted me.

When They called me in. They asked me a few questions. I changed into my gown. After 1.5 hours of waiting, it was time.

My doctor explained to me how they were going to try to remove it.

I kind of blacked out during the explanation, but when they were ready to start I asked my mom to leave the room.

I saw them come back with the device they were going to use to try to remove it, the speculum

Image result for speculum


I was lying on my back with legs pulled up and spread widely.


No numbing cream was given, I was just naturally numb from the pain I was about to face.


I had one constraint before they started and that was to facetime, anyone other than, Shaina.

The moment I facetimed my friend I felt happier, her voice her face put me at ease. I tried not to think of pain. I’ve never been in this kind of pain.

Before they inserted the speculum, they gave me a brutal shot of antibiotics on my lower right side of the abdomen.  That itself was painful, but I was sort of ready.

“Spread wide.” said the doctor.

Ever seen someone squeeze water out of a wet rag and twist it as hard as they can to remove every drop of water to make it damp, that’s what I felt like it was happening inside of me, except my cervix the wet rag.

I cried in pain, and the more she wanted me to arch my back the worst it felt. It was even harder because my legs would tense causing it to be impossible.

After what seemed like the longest 3 minutes of my life, NO SUCCESS.

She told me it was really far up my cervix. All I was left with, was this bloody rotting smell that I couldn’t even take. I was just plain old embarrassed. Still laying on my back, legs open, and shaking.

She told me she will be back, and this time she came with another nurse and a LONGER speculum.

The nurse held my hand. I squeezed it back harder.

The doctor kept a great poker face, because I couldn’t tell if she was confident in getting it out, or if she knew I was going to have to get surgery.

I had no idea, I just knew this thing better come to the fuck out.

I face timed Shaina again. All I can think of how I was going to come back stronger after all the crap  I had been through in the past 6 months that this was the cherry on top.

The speculum was in, I could feel it pick and clamp on my cervix.

“ Breathe, Stacy. Don’t tense your legs. Otherwise, I won’t be able to reach up,” said the doctor

I took the biggest deep breath, let go and let her reach as far as she could with that tool.

Second attempt no luck.

I remember the last thing I heard was Shaina telling me to focus on a beautiful sunset. I had done just that. I saw the most beautiful sky I could imagine for 2 seconds.

“ OK OUT!” she said under her doctor mask.

I initially laughed, I laughed so hard.

“ Shut up!”  I said. I yelled at Shaina that it was” OUT “ in pure excitement.

The minute it happened,  I threw my body up and sat upright, I will never forget the feeling. I had this dark drainage just come out for about 1 minute, like straight dark water out of me and wouldn’t stop. The room was smelling like a body was rotting. I could do nothing, but let go and cry. I cried forever. I just let go to  the universe.

I never thought I would be able to have that thing removed. I got so used to the pain, it almost became a part of me. I thought that was me.

I immediately felt so alive. Like my soul got sucked back into me. 

I was deep in toxic shock, that I had even noticed my vision getting better immediately. I literally felt like someone took the veil from my eyes to see. I saw everything so bright and beautiful. I looked at my stomach deflate. I told myself I knew it.

I looked at my stomach. I rubbed it like I had a baby in there. I cried and said thank you so much. I just couldn’t believe those profound 3 minutes of relief. I felt like a new baby who came into the world.

The doctor looked at me and the disgusting tampon in disbelief.

It looked like a legit small piece of dark dog crap.

That thing had shrunk to a small thick triple-A battery, she put it in some kind of Ziploc bag and threw it away. I couldn’t believe that thing. It was like a bullet inside of me for 17 days.

Both nurses couldn’t understand how I jumped back at myself and laughed. They didn’t understand how I lasted so long with it inside of my body, without needing an amputation, of a major infection in my blood. My stool came back clean, blood did too. I was given antibiotics and told to check up at a gynecologist a few days later.

toxic shock syndrome

Here I was 1 week after. The bruise on my stomach is from the injection of antibiotics they gave me.


Ever since then my practice of gratitude was now as essential as breathing. Since I left that hospital room, all I have done was give thanks. I gave thanks for every step I took. I gave thanks to the staff. To my mother, to Shaina, and most importantly to my body and my mind. It was the closest thing to a religious experience I ever felt.

I had made one promise to myself, which I knew I had to fulfill because I got spared.

It was to come back stronger and more focused in every aspect in my life.

I came back stronger on my health, my relationships, my character, my business, my career.

I was much more compassionate, towards everything and anything. I still am. Because I felt like I was literally rotting away and dying in silence, it made me realize how many of us could be doing the same.

For almost three weeks, I would talk to people and try my best to keep a smile and be normal, but little did they know of the absolute pain I felt. The inflammation that ran through my body, and how tired I would even get tired of saying a couple of sentences. 

I became best friends with my mind. I had to. I couldn’t fill my mind with any negativity to survive. And I still do. I  feed it power and positivity.  I believe in the power of emotions and feeling and goals. I don’t think there is anyone who can convince me otherwise.

I learned the power of the human body and how much I respect it. I am very flattered when people compliment me on my body, but little do they know how bad ass it truly is. It’s done absolutely so much for me, that I truly don’t know how another way I can repay it. I never stopped those regimens. I still drink my wheatgrass or ginger and lemon shots 2-3 times a week. I have seriously refrained from drinking alcohol because I want to function as highly as possible. I love to drink so much water. I feed it vegetables and a colorful diet to make sure my bowels are moving. I even appreciate my proper digestive system. You have no idea those little things we take for granted, that we miss until we can no longer do them.

I did a complete 180 on my life, and I am happy to say it’s still been like this. 10 months later,  I thank that disgusting tampon and my worst fear ever for making me into a stronger person.

It was almost as if all the dark muck that had come out of me was a symbolism of all the shit I had gone through in my life. Whenever I feel like I can’t do something, I’ll remember those days of hell when I had a tampon stuck inside of me, and how I lost my mind to find my soul.

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” – Elizabeth Gilbert


WARNING: You may find this post offensive and/or useless if you believe in luck, play a victim in unfortunate events, like to make excuses, believe in your limitations, or are just plain lazy.

If this doesn’t pertain to you, carry on.

In 2015 I made a promise to myself to live an extraordinary life by my standards. I knew that fulfilling that promise would mean to change some of my behavior. Average behavior, to me, meant living a dull life… which I’ve always feared.

So I decided to start changing the way I did certain things in my life. I started to refine my habits. These weren’t bad habits, but they were time wasting & I don’t like wasting time.

I initially did a self-audit. I took the time to reflect on my days and how I used my time. The first step was identifying my own role in my problems. I had to acknowledge that all the pain I’ve put myself through for years prior was largely my own doing. I had to take accountability for myself, my actions, and my life to change my story.

This was not easy. Some of us believe our negative thoughts, we become so set in our story, we begin to believe we are never the problem, but we always are.  Get whatever help you need to change it, but change it. Once you are clear on what needs to be changed, the wheels of transformation start to turn.

Don’t be seduced by your limitations. They have nothing to offer you but stagnation
Don’t let your ego con you into thinking that change is possible for other people, but not for you.

If you’ve made it this far without rolling your eyes and being stubborn, I suggest you proceed continuing with an open mind.

From Uh Oh to Ah-ha!

The moment you “decide” to change yourself is usually immediately followed by the very action you want to change.
“I want to go to the gym more often!” – and then you somehow find yourself on the couch eating potato chips again.
“Deciding” to change is very different than actually undergoing the hard process of actually changing.  I suggest you start with a a self audit, so you can lay out a plan.

Audit Yourself

To do this, be very conscious of the things you do and how you do them. I would suggest journaling or asking close friends and family about how they perceive you. If you’re going to journal it out, you can start by using the:

5×5 rule

You’re not just the average of 5 people around you.
You’re the average of:

5 habits you do.
5 foods you eat.
5 ideas you have.
And the content you consume.

So watch what you’re doing and focus on the areas where change is required. Make a rating scale and rate yourself honestly on the following parameters


I rated myself 7/10 on health. To move to level 8, I need to consistently sleep 8 hrs/night, meditate 15 mins/day and include 1 cup of vegetables + serving of probiotics in each plate of food.

What would your life look like if you managed to move yourself up a bit higher in each of these scales? Imagine getting the dream body, or the amount of money you’ve always wanted to have. It’s all possible, when you begin.

Simple Steps To Improve Mental Health

Get up early in the morning

Wake up every day, at least 30- 40 minutes you’re used to. Do not waste this time checking your phone. Take this time purely for yourself. Your phone, notifications can seriously wait. Make this the time to take a shower, meditate, run, read, journal, write your plans for the day, anything that kick-starts your brain. Do not fight with your alarm. Wake up truly grateful. You’re up, alive, hopefully healthy, and ready to make your own story. Don’t think about it, just do it. You’ll stay energized all day and will feel so accomplished by creating positive habits in the morning. Watch your life change dramatically for the better, once this becomes a habit.

Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep

The most underrated yet most important health tip we will ever need. Getting a good night rest is the most important thing on this list for me. Without good rest, you will never perform at your optimal best with sustainable, natural energy for the day. Depending on caffeine may help you for an hour two, but nothing can replace a great night’s sleep. EVER.
Try sleeping 5–10 minutes earlier than the day before and soon you’ll be sleeping enough, every day.

Create affirmations for yourself

I remind myself of the things I love about myself and my past accomplishments. I write them down, say them aloud and look at them when I need to. At least once a day. You can even record your own affirmations using the THINKUP app. I record the ones that empower me and listen to them after a meditation, as soon as I wake up, or right before I sleep when my brain is best able to absorb info. These thoughts become so engraved in me, I’ve become resilient to negative talk, and unnecessary criticism. They are my little mantra’s that no one can steal from me and that makes me feel like a super being, every day.

Write down your goals for the day

Make your days count. No goal ever goes unnoticed. Don’t be fooled by thinking waking up 10 more minutes earlier didn’t help you. Most likely it got you to work on time, or allowed you to prepare a great breakfast. Drinking the extra glass of water that you usually do, helped you prevent. Running those extra 3 more minutes helped you burn an extra 80-100 calories which created a deficit for the day to help you lose weight or boost energy. The effort you made to reply to everyone actually helped put a smile on someone’s face and gave them inspiration. You just never know what the smallest goal can do.

Do not let yourself get bored, you’ll stay lazy

Learn about new people. Read something, anything. Watch an inspiring vlog or Ted Talks. Listen to a podcast. No gossip sites. Read something fundamental that can impact you for 15 minutes, every day.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone

I know I am not the most intelligent, beautiful, or most sophisticated. But I know I can be better than yesterday. I do things that make me feel better than the day before,  and it starts by controlling my thoughts. I truly never give my power to another person. I am so confident with myself because I have conquered so many fears. I constantly challenge myself to do something new every day because I experiment with new habits everyday.

Simple Steps To Improve Physical Health

Drink water every day

I know it sounds crazy and hard for some. But replace all your soft drinks with water. Replace commercial fruit juice with water. Not only is it necessary calories, but sugar. It’s very unnecessary. Curb the craving with real fruit if you must. Add a spritz of lemon onto your water for flavor. Once you form the habit your body will no longer crave juices and sodas, and the minute you even dare to have a sip your taste buds will have been rewired and shocked by the sugar overload.

So don’t forget. Drink water Dehydration leads to lack of sluggishness. Sluggishness leads to lack of energy. Lack of energy means no motivation to do anything for the day. Wasting a perfectly good day because you were dehydrated.

Don’t skip breakfast

Keep Your Gut Happy

A healthy gut is a crucial part of maintaining your overall wellness.
I make sure my gut is working well.
may be neglecting to take charge of one of the most important facets of your overall well-being and happiness—your microbiome.

Sure, by now you’ve likely heard of the microbiome, the living ecosystem of bacteria (Trillions of them!) living in and on your body, and maybe you’re even aware of some of the myriad benefits mighty microbes can have on your health. But did you know that a thriving microbiome teeming with beneficial bacteria is one of the most important keys to a balanced and fulfilled life?1. Supporting a healthy immune system. your good gut bacteria can help you maintain your day-to-day energy levels naturally—sans chemicals and synthetic boosters that inevitably

lead to an energy crash and burn.3. Helping you find (and maintain) your ideal weight.Eat fermented foods, Drink Probiotics,  and eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. Read more on how to heal your gut.

Improve Your Posture

The posture tells a lot about your personality, level of confidence and state of mental and physical health.

People with good postures look smarter and more attractive. Someone with a good posture naturally exudes an aura of assertiveness and appeal. Catch yourself when your slouch and make sure to replace it by standing tall, every day.

Lift heavy-if you can.

This is a personal favorite. I truly enjoy challenging my body. If I squat 150 lbs, next week I’ll go for 160 and so on. Not only does it help my muscles grow and make me feel and look fabulous. It gives me the biggest confidence boost. Women are very scared to touch weights, but how badass can it be to see girl build curves and break a personal pr.

Spend Your Money Wisely

I make sure my money is spent on things that I can really benefit from. I always try to look for an investment. I work hard for my money and also like to be smart when it comes to the things I spend money on. If I eat out, I’ll make sure I am getting a nutritious meal that’s balanced with vegetables, simple complex carbs and protein and omega 3’s.

Do morning runs, run as fast as possible.


Simple Steps To Improve Social Health

Treat everyone with kindness and respect

I am empathic I certainly know what it’ s like to feel hurt and always made sure to never let another person feel like that.  If you have trouble doing this, think about people dying as you’re interacting with them. Which is sort of far-fetched, but not really, we are slowly dying every second. But think about it as if they were dying and your compassion needle may turn on. Be nice, every day.

Stop wasting time on social media

Watch Your Ego

My ego loves to come into full steam sometimes, especially at the gym. I  get very proud when I kill a workout and having eyes on me pushes me even more to kill it, but I have to remember this is for me not them. The minute I remember that My body relaxes, I get in more tune with my body to control my form and movements.

Give Compliments

I find things I love about people and in especially women, so many of us are out here competing. The only person you need to compete with is your past self. 

Start spending time with better personalities

Make time for family

The Tiny Habits ALWAYS Pay Off

In time, I promise you things begin to take form. Once you’ve gone through the hard process of reshaping your lifestyle, your group of friends, your day to day habits, you see the fruits of your labor unfold.

Where I have seen many, many people falter (and ultimately fail in executing a true change) is in this period, right here.

The moment you begin to see what you have set in your mind unfold into your reality, is the moment you are first tested.

Many people can begin change. Many people can stay with change long enough to see a slight or even moderate shift in their life. But that’s where most people stop. They taste a little bit, and then they either get scared of their own “power” and quit, or they relax too much and find themselves right back where they started. Ultimately, you decide what’s good for you. 


Remember to look at your life and get rid of everything that does not support that change. Take a real deep look at yourself and your daily habits that will allow that change to unfold.

Appreciate the initial “fruits of your labor” but do not give up. Press on and watch yourself grow faster than you’ve ever grown at anything in your life, ever.

The goal is to wake up one morning and realize that, in the best way possible, you no longer recognize yourself. You’ve done it. And you have changed at the core.

This is the most powerful process I have ever learned in life. It is the reason why I know, deep down, that anything I decide to put my mind to, I will change.

The whole point of creating your list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live our life to the fullest.

But if that list seems too exhausting, then this post was not for you, yet. I told you to stop reading it in the beginning.

I don’t have the answers to everything I just like to share the things that work for me. To dream big and do big, doing extraordinary things is what gives life purpose.

 I think life is a truly wonderful gift, and I think the people who get valued the most in this life are those dared to dream big and pursue big things. Comfort is easy but so is a boring life.

If you look like Napoleon Dynamite when you breathe, then this post is for you!

Image result for teeth of mouth breather vs nose breather

It’s perfectly natural to breathe through your mouth sometimes: for example, when you’re working out or you have a cold. But if you’ve become a habitual mouth breather, you may want to consider stopping this bad habit.

Why? Aside from the chronic health problems it can bring, breathing through your mouth can actually change the shape of your face and your appearance. This is especially true for children because they’re still growing. Untreated mouth breathing can lead to abnormal facial and dental development.

The effects of proper breathing habits were first noted in observations of early Native Americans, who were known for their chiseled jaws and beautiful teeth. These physical attributes were thought to be directly related to the fact that Native Americans had learned from childhood to breathe through their nose.

This theory was scientifically proven more recently in tests using monkeys. Monkeys that had their noses plugged and had to breathe through their months began to show changes in their facial development.

What Is The Cause of Mouth Breathing?

Mouth-breathing often starts in childhood and may result from certain health disorders such as allergies and enlarged tonsils. If not corrected, the habit can continue to change a person’s face throughout their life.

Depending on the extent of the problem, the chin may continue to recede the jaw and cheeks. As this occurs, the tissue can, over time, change the shape of the nose. Mouth-breathing can even have adverse effects on the straightness of the teeth by bringing about changes in the tongue and jaw.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mouth Breathing?

Using the mouth for breathing disrupts our natural body mechanics. It can affect a number of bodily functions and lead to symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Gingivitis and gum disease
  • A sore throat and cold symptoms
  • Bad breath and higher risk for cavities
  • Poor sleep—leading to chronic fatigue
  • Digestive disturbances—gas, upset stomach, acid reflux, etc.producing, bacterial infections and reducing a person’s oxygen supply.

The inhaling and exhaling of air through the mouth has been linked to physical changes in the face.

Physical Side Effects of Mouth Breathing:

  • Long, narrow faces and mouths
  • Less defined cheekbones
  • Small lower jaws
  • “Weak” chin

How Does Mouth Breathing Change The Shape Of A Face?

Mouth breathing causes the mouth to grow forward and downward. In turn, this growth can cause the face to sag and the chin to recede. The proper development of the airway is thus necessary when it comes to maintaining proper “oral posture” and preventing these physical changes.

Mouth breathers facial changes
The picture above shows a set of twins. The twin on the right breathes through her mouth, while the twin on the left breathes through her nose.

The picture above shows that the normal growth of the face is forward, and this growth is achieved through proper oral posture, which is the pressure exerted by the tongue as it rests in the roof of the mouth.

A mouth-breathing person doesn’t rest their tongue on the roof of their mouth, thus the jaws can’t be properly shaped by the tongue. Furthermore, the natural forward growth of the jaws is impeded, resulting in flattened cheeks and jaws that are set back from their ideal position, compromising airflow.

Not only does mouth breathing cause a physical change in the facial development; such breathing also adversely affects body posture.

In the mouth breather, the head is tilted backward, so the weight of the head shifts toward the back of the skull. If a person can correct their head position by establishing nasal breathing, then the skull will be able to grow with a more favorable pattern. This improved growth pattern will be reflected throughout the skull, including the dental arches.

Habitual breathing through the nose is a must for correct development of the jaws, face, and airways. Breathing through the nose, with the tongue resting on the roof of the mouth, helps establish the ideal conditions for normal facial development. The practice of breathing through the mouth can eventually reduce the size of the airway due to changes in the jaw, leading to obstructive sleep apnea.

mouth breathing side effects


For correct skull and facial growth to take place, early intervention to establish nasal breathing and tongue posture is essential. The negative effects of mouth breathing on the structure of the jaws and face will have the most impact when they occur before puberty, so there’s only a brief window of opportunity to prevent significant changes in facial structure.

How To Stop Mouth Breathing

I know it may not be easy for everyone to breathe through their nose, but I’ve compiled some tips to help you change your mouth breathing habit.

1. Use Nasal Dilator Strips

If you have a very narrow nose then you may be prone to have flimsy nostrils. You can test if you have flimsy nostrils by taking both index fingers and pressing them just beside your nostrils on your cheek. Firmly press on your cheeks, lift skin upwards and sideways, pointing towards the outer corners of your eyes. Take a deep breath in.If you can breathe much better through your nose then you may benefit from using nasal dilator strips at night.

Another way of treating this condition is to use various internal dilators, such as Nozovent, Breathewitheez, and nasal cones, that you can find over the counter.

2. Try saline sprays and an neti pot

You can moisten your nasal passages for easier breathing by using a simple, inexpensive bottle of saline that puts out a fine mist. More sophisticated methods include aerosol saline sprays and even the Waterpik machine (you can buy a nasal adaptor for this).

Another popular way to soothe dry nasal passages is with a neti pot, which uses gravity to flush saltwater through your nose and sinuses. You can either use prepared saline packages or mix your own recipe (1 cup of lukewarm water, 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt or Kosher salt, and a pinch of baking soda).

Whatever method you use to clean and moisten the inside of your nose, use it frequently for best results. Saline removes mucus, pollutants, and allergens while also acting as a mild decongestant.

3. 3. Stop eating 3 hours before bed

If you go to bed with a full stomach, undigested food and stomach juices can leak into your throat and nose. Acid reflux not only can prevent a good night’s sleep but also can causing inflame the esophagus and nasal passages. In addition, because many people at least occasionally stop breathing while they’re asleep, a vacuum effect can occur in the throat and actively suction stomach juices up into your throat and nose.

4.  Avoid drinking alcohol close to bedtime

Alcohol irritates the stomach and relaxes your throat muscles as you sleep, both of which aggravate the acid reflux described above.

5. Remove allergies in your room

If you have any known allergies, especially in your bedroom,  try to either remove it or lessen your exposure to it. Learn how to remove allergies in your bedroom.

6. Get regular exercise outdoors.

Personally, I prefer an outdoor workout over the gym any day. Plus oxygen concentration tends to be lower indoors because of the buildup of carbon dioxide and other gases.

When you work out outdoors, not only are you exercising your heart and your muscles; you’re also exercising the nervous system in your nose. Vigorous physical activity activates your sympathetic nervous system, which constricts the blood vessels that supply the small bones inside your nostrils. Constricted blood vessels help you breathe better through your nose, with all the added benefits described in my previous article.

7. Relax

Lastly, slow down and relax. Modern society has all but eliminated rest breaks. Along with information overload and constant stimulation, going nonstop all day only adds to the increased stress levels that everyone experiences.

In between major activities, take a minute or so to stop what you’re doing, stretch, get up, move around, and do some deep-breathing exercises. Stress can tense up the muscles, causing you to breathe more shallowly, which causes physiologic changes that can ultimately worsen nasal congestion.

These seven simple steps won’t help everyone, but if you can apply as many of them as possible, you should notice some improvement in your ability to breathe through your nose. If you’ve tried all these steps and still can’t breathe through your nose, then seek medical help. An otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor, or ENT) is the best doctor to manage this condition.

How To  Correct Your Tongue Posture – Aka, Mewing.

So, genetics and plastic surgery aren’t the only factors in facial development. There’s a way to correct your tongue posture by something known as “mewing.” Although you shouldn’t expect miracles, mewing can really help correct mouth breathing, which will in turn improve your facial structure.

The following video gives a short but clear explanation of mewing:

As babies, we were meant to eat hard foods to develop the jaw properly and, more importantly, widen the palate. Good jaw development and a roomy palate encourage the tongue–roof of mouth posture, in which the tongue acts as a support beam for normal facial development.


As babies, we were meant to eat hard foods to develop the jaw properly and, more importantly, widen the palate. Good jaw development and a roomy palate encourage the tongue–roof of mouth posture, in which the tongue acts as a support beam for normal facial development.


As babies, we were meant to eat hard foods to develop the jaw properly and, more importantly, widen the palate. Good jaw development and a roomy palate encourage the tongue–roof of mouth posture, in which the tongue acts as a support beam for normal facial development.

mouth breather face


Chances are you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, It’s too late to implement these changes. Luckily, that’s not true at all!

Between children and adult, the difference between bone malleability is that when you reach adulthood bone density increases, which means bone changes are much slower but still consistently over time will show improvements.

When you reach maturity, your bones do become denser and less malleable. There’s no nonsurgical solution for creating model-like facial structure. But bone changes can still occur over time to the point of noticeable facial improvements—as long as you remember the following three factors in proper tongue posture.

Steps For Correct Tongue Posture:

  1. Teeth together
  2. Lips together
  3. Tongue on the roof of the mouth and don’t mouth breathe!

Smile as wide as you can and then swallow to force the tongue toward the roof of the mouth. Next, push your tongue upward from this position, ensuring the back part of the tongue is in firm contact with the soft palate.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t fit your full tongue on the roof of your mouth. If you have a narrow palate, you’ll cut off your airway when trying to flatten your tongue against the back third of your palate. With time, your palate will expand and your airway will open up.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t fit your full tongue on the roof of your mouth. If you have a narrow palate, you’ll cut off your airway when trying to flatten your tongue against the back third of your palate. With time, your palate will expand and your airway will open up.

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Eating healthy all the time can be a chore. I know for me , I don’t always have the time to meal prep at home , but when I am in a rush  to make a quick dish , I know for the most part the food is going to be as wholesome and pure as possible because of the ingredient’s I have stocked.

The best technique I use to make sure  that I’m eating healthy meals regularly is to simply replace unhealthy common ingredients with healthier ones.

Yes, refining the pantry with more pure, unrefined items.  The purpose is to cut fat, sugar, and calories out of your favorite recipes using healthier ingredient substitutions—without slashing any flavor.

I know that these aren’t all perfect replacements that work in every single recipe, but in general, I’ve found them to be healthier options that work in a lot of recipes, but replace it when you can.

If unhealthy ingredients aren’t around, you don’t use them. That simple.

Once you start using them more often you’ll actually notice and feel a huge difference in taste and the way your food digests.

Below are some items I ditched (or reduced using) in favor for healthy alternatives in the worlds of sweeteners, oils , flours, and milks.

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Refine Your Common Pantry Items For These Unrefined Healthy Substitutes:

[thb_gap height=”95″]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Potato Chips ” image=”3870″]While enjoying an occasional handful of chips won’t cause irreparable damage to someone consuming an otherwise healthy diet, the real dangers arise when you consume chips on a daily basis or regularly choose them over healthier options. With no nutritional value they are the foundation for Weight gain, very high sodium, and high cholesterol levels.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Potato Chips with Kale Chips” image=”3849″]Kale has many health benefits, from weight management to healthy eyesight. For the most part Kale chips satisfy both the crunchiness and savory flavor we love from chips. Kale chips are very easy to make. Start by tossing chopped kale in a small amount of olive oil and then baking the chips in the oven until they are crispy. Toss Himalayan pink salt over and there you have it. If you don’t have the time to make them, you can opt for air popped popcorn 9x less saturated fat.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_gap height=”60″]
[thb_contentbox heading=” White Rice ” image=”3856″]I don’t consider rice to be horrible or something to be scared if eaten in moderation. But if you grew up in a Spanish household like I did, rice is the staple side dish and it not only gets tiring, but it’s not good eat every single day. Many popular brands of White rice, have been refined to the point where the husk, bran and germ layers are removed, so just the white inner kernel remains. Removing the outer layers removes much of the nutritional value.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace white or Brown Rice with Quinoa ” image=”3857″]Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids so it should make for a more filling addition to your diet than rice. Unlike rice, it aids in weight loss, keeps your gut healthy , contains flavanoids, disease-fighting antioxidants, which may may play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. [/thb_contentbox]
[thb_gap height=”60″]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Canola and Vegetable Oil” image=”3902″]90% of canola oil has been genetically modified . Most cooking oils go through an insane amount of processing with chemical solvents, steamers, neutralizers, de-waxers, bleach and deodorizers before they end up in the bottle.
The “solvent” used to extract canola oil is neurotoxin hexane. Hexane is a cheap byproduct from gasoline production, that’s a serious occupational hazard and toxic air pollutant. [/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Refined Oils for Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil ” image=”3862″]Coconut oil is almost completely saturated fat, but don’t let that scare you. That’s because the tropical saturated fat in coconut oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which have been shown to actually reduce cholesterol and obesity. Nutiva’s virgin oil is organic, expeller cold-pressed, unrefined and never deodorized or bleached. It tolerates temperatures up to about 350 degrees, so it’s great for most baking and medium-high heat sauteing.Other oils that are good for high heat cooking include avocado oil and almond oi[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_gap height=”60″]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Mayonnaise ” image=”3864″]Commercial mayonnaise is usually made with unhealthy fats and offers very little nutrition. Most types of mayonnaise found at the grocery store, including the low-fat and low-calorie versions, may negatively affect your health In addition to containing pro-inflammatory omega-6 oils and added sugars, commercial mayonnaise also contains a lot of artificial ingredients, such as preservatives, additives and monosodium glutamate, or MSG.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Mayonnaise For Smashed Avocado ” image=”3866″]The hype is real. Avocado contains half the fat (4.5g to 9g) and is cholesterol free. To substitute an avocado for mayonnaise, cut a ripe avocado into cubes then mash it well using a fork or the back of a spoon. Then, use anywhere you would mayo! Try it with tuna sandwiches and potato salad. Hummus & Mustard are also good alternatives.[/thb_contentbox]
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[thb_contentbox heading=”Refined Sugar” image=”3868″]Refined sugars are classified as potential poisons to the body. They provide only empty calories lacking in other nutrients and minerals. In addition, they can drain the body of nutrients because of their demanding digestion requirements. According to, you should limit your intake of refined sugar, opting for foods that provide carbohydrate in a more complex form.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Refined Sugar for Organic Raw Honey ” image=”3895″]Organic Raw Honey is not just a sugar, it’s actually a food. Organic Raw honey contains amino acids, specific types of electrolytes and antioxidants, and antimicrobial compounds that can support the health of your body. Make sure the substitutes is pure, raw honey.It’s also a good source of antioxidants, called phenolic compounds
has antibacterial and antifungal Properties and can aid in digestive issues. Please use it sparingly. One tablespoon, one to two times daily, is a good, healthy amount that most people can do well with. You can also replace sugar for green leaf organic stevia – NOT TRUVIA[/thb_contentbox]
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[thb_contentbox heading=”Sports Drinks” image=”3917″]Sports beverages contain a laundry list of unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, sodium, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sports drinks claim to help you hydrate better than water. But, in truth, they have little to support those claims. Study after study has found that the additives in sports drinks have no effect on water absorption in our bodies. Nothing gets more water into your system than, shockingly, water.


[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Sports Drinks for Fruit Infused water ” image=”3889″]I love fruit infused water. About 20 percent of the nutrients in the fruits used in your infused water will be absorbed by your beverage. This means that you get great-tasting water that has the added benefit of vitamins and antioxidants. For example, fruits like strawberry are packed full of vitamin C and combining fruits with other healthy ingredients – like basil or mint – means you can also get important minerals like iron and additional antioxidants from your infusion.
Depending on ho you combine the fruits you can get a collagen stimulating blend in for glowing skin [/thb_contentbox]
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[thb_contentbox heading=”Candy ” image=”3907″]No explanation necessary[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Candy for Frozen Grapes ” image=”3875″]Frozen grapes are the perfect low-cal solution for dieters that can’t live without dessert. You can enjoy one full cup of these refreshing, bite-sized nibbles for only 100 calories — a phenomenally sweet bargain. And, because the grapes are frozen solid, they take a while to eat, stretching out your snack time.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_gap height=”60″]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Milk” image=”3876″] I personally hate milk, from the way it taste’s to the way it makes me feel after. I know that it is expected of us to drink milk because we need calcium, but it’s not as if there are no other sources of calcium out there. In fact, there are many other options that contain more calcium than milk does. Also let me be vain, it’s been said that Milk has been linked to acne, and from research there is an abundance of a hormone called IGF-1 in milk, which is really good for baby cows, but not for you. IGF-1 is a growth hormone and it tends to make your acne grow big instead. IGF-1 is one of several factors that cause inflammation in humans, and which eventually lead to acne.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Milk For Almond Milk” image=”3877″]While almond milk is becoming more and more popular, it’s important to note that it doesn’t provide as much protein or calcium to be a complete substitute, so make sure you receive adequate amounts from other sources. One cup only has one gram of protein versus 8 grams in cow’s milk, and 2 milligrams of calcium versus 300 milligrams in cow’s milk.
Almond milk contains 50% of your daily vitamin E intake, which contains antioxidant properties essential to your skin’s health, such as protecting it against sun damage. So drink up to good skin.[/thb_contentbox]
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[thb_contentbox heading=”Pasta ” image=”3879″]Just like rice and white flour, big brand pasta grains are processed and refined to the point that I would not even call them food! Refined carbohydrates are fake foods and should be avoided if you want to build health in your body.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Dry Spaghetti for Spaghetti Squash” image=”3885″]No,spaghetti squash isn’t exactly like spaghetti pasta. It’s more tender than it is chewy. It also has a lighter and cleaner flavor somewhere between butternut squash and zucchini + provides your dietary intake for vegetables and you wont realize it hen you add your favorite pesto sauce in there.
Savings per cup compared to whole wheat pasta: 132 calories, 27 grams of carbs[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_gap height=”60″]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Flour” image=”3881″]Carbohydrates are an important part of the diet, but your main source of carbs should be coming from vegetables rather than refined grains. Refined grains and their food products are substandard foods for several reasons. They are excessively starchy and high in gluten. They are practically devoided of natural fiber.There can be up to approximately 25 different chemicals that are added to refined grains and bread products.
Grains are fumigated.Bleaching chemicals are used. Artificial coloring’s and flavorings are used.
They are nutritionally imbalanced.white flour which is the result of modern refining process is 72% extraction. This means that it has lost 28% of the bulk of the wheat, including half or more of many of the crucial nutrients. So for optimum health, eliminate all refined flour products from your diet and use only whole grains when necessary.[/thb_contentbox]
[thb_contentbox heading=”Replace Refined Flour For Coconut Flour ” image=”3882″] I know flour is commonly used for baking, and that doesnt mean you should eliminate the task. Just replace flour with flours such as almond, coconut or Quinoa flour. I personally like Coconut flour. I like the nutty flavor and it is very high in fiber, so is great for stabilizing blood glucose levels and lowering total cholesterol. In addition to this, you’ll also take in a small dose of healthy fats with the coconut flour, which will help to nicely balance out the nutrition in any baking recipe you use it with. It’s also a gluten free option, so great for those who can’t consume wheat-based foods.[/thb_contentbox]

4. Brush Your Teeth

Not sure if this is a mental thing or not, but I found that every time I brush my teeth, I always feel super energized and refreshed. But I am sure we agree that the the invigorating rush of mint can help make you feel more alert. In addition to that , scraping your tongue, for an added boost. Read more about tongue scraping here.
If you don’t have your toothbrush handy, try popping a piece of cinnamon or mint gum for a quick boost over the fatigue slump.

5. Learn Something New

According to a recent University of Michigan study, “The more actively you can engage your brain, the more alerting an activity is going to be,” says John Caldwell, PhD, a fatigue management specialist and former NASA researcher. “You can actually overcome a good bit of sleep pressure just by engaging in something interesting.” So brush up on your Excel skills, for example, or listen to a short work-related podcast

6. Blast Your Favorite Song and Sing To It

Music is energizing—especially if you sing along. Researchers in London found that singing solo increases energetic arousal and decreases tension nearly as much as a cardio workout. “You disconnect from the big U-Haul of worries that people carry around with them,” explains Dr. Teitelbaum. “You’re just being free for a while.” Choose a tune that really engages you—the one that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs.  Dr. Caldwell’s research also shows that standing up can provide an instant surge of energy.

7. Put Your Senses To work.

If you’re stuck at work after a rough night, chances are you’ll be staring at a hypnotizing screen or look-alike paperwork and finding it hard to stay awake. WikiHow suggests a multi-sensory assault on your tired self. Try scenting yourself awake with some essential oils of (or just strong scent of) peppermint or rosemary, or target the alertness-sparking stress points like your earlobes and the skin between your thumb and forefinger. Keep yourself a little chilly, and try to move around a bit—it’s your best shot at not having the boss notice you haven’t said a word since 9AM

It’s not surprising you feel tired when you’re stuck inside a cold office with fluorescent lighting. Sneak outside to soak up some sunshine for 15 to 20 minutes.

“Sunlight energizes and elevates mood,” says Dr. Lorraine Maita, a board certified internist and author of Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier in Short Hills, New Jersey.

The hourglass figure has long been revered as the epitome of femininity and attractiveness, but it’s important to remember that every body is unique and beautiful in its own way. That being said, if you’re interested in achieving an hourglass figure, there are some diet, exercise, and clothing tips that may be helpful to you. It’s important to remember that these changes should be made for your own self-confidence and happiness, not to meet society’s narrow beauty standards. You deserve to feel good in your own skin, no matter what your body shape or size may be. With a little bit of effort and patience, you can learn how to embrace and enhance your natural curves.

Diet and Nutrition For An Hourglass Figure

Proper nutrition is an essential component of any healthy lifestyle, and it’s especially important if you’re striving for an hourglass figure. A balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally. It’s also important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

To slim down your waist and create more definition in your hourglass shape, it’s helpful to focus on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. Some examples of these types of foods include:

  • Leafy greens like spinach and kale
  • Berries such as strawberries and blueberries
  • Lean proteins like chicken, fish, and tofu
  • Whole grains like quinoa and brown rice

In addition to choosing the right types of foods, it’s also important to pay attention to portion sizes. It’s easy to overeat, especially when you’re eating high-calorie, processed foods. To help control portion sizes, try using a smaller plate or bowl, and be mindful of your hunger and fullness levels.

When women lose weight, it generally is lost in other parts of the body first. Much to a woman’s frustration, the fat in the hips and thighs is usually the last to go, and the most difficult to lose, as the body stores this valuable fat for the purpose of pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to Will Lassek, M.D., and Steven Gaulin, Ph.D. in the book, “Why Women Need Fat”, the fat that is stored in a women’s hips and thighs is rich in a very valuable substance that is concentrated in this part of the body. This fat is high in something called DHA, which is a component of the Omega 3 fatty acids in our diets.

In addition to a balanced diet, some studies have suggested that including estrogen-rich foods in your diet may help to increase the size of the breasts and hips, creating a more pronounced hourglass shape. Estrogen is a hormone that plays a role in the development of female secondary sexual characteristics, such as the breasts and hips.

Examples of estrogen-rich foods include:

  • Soy products like tofu, edamame, and tempeh
  • Flaxseeds
  • Fruits like apples, cherries, and pears
  • Vegetables like beets, carrots, and fennel

    It’s important to note that the effects of estrogen on the body are complex and not fully understood, and more research is needed in this area. It’s also worth noting that estrogen levels can be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, age, and overall health. As with any dietary changes, it’s a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet.

Pro Tip – Cut way back on the Omega 6 fats by avoiding processed grains and vegetable oils. Not only will you have a better body shape, but you will decrease the amount of inflammation and YOUR brain will be healthier and function better as well.

Healthy Nutrition to Lose Weight and Build Curves

Go for fresh foods, lots of greens, fruits, lean meats and whole grains. There are tons of diets out there, some fads, and some with rave reviews. I have friends who are on a low to no carbohydrate diet and some who have tried a raw food diet, but for me it was all about balance, which meant simply clean eating and portion control. I am a big believer that the amount of physical activity you do should directly correlate with how many calories you consume.

Getting into the right eating habits will not only help shed some of the pounds, but also promote hormonal balance. This is key for a female looking to maintain her curves. If your hormones are out of proportion, that could increase androgen levels. Androgens happen to be male hormones. Having an imbalance in this area can affect how your body deposits fats.

Balance Your Hormones

Estrogen is a female hormone that is responsible whether you get a curvy body or a formless body. In women whose estrogen levels are low, fat packs to wrong places. Women with elevated androgen levels (male hormones) are completely flat or formless, like boys. However, having estrogen levels that are too high can also cause obesity. This is why hormonal balance is so important. ( You can read about it in my last post.)

Estrogen influences fat deposits to hips, thighs and butt. Whereas androgen tends to send them to the upper body. That explains the difference in physique between men and women and why transgender individuals are often placed on estrogen medication, to help feminize their features and body shape.
If your estrogen levels are on the lower side, you can supplement your diet with foods and herbs that can help to replenish estrogen levels. Here are my favorite herbs that are traditionally used to increase curves. Always check with a doctor before beginning any supplement product.

Best Supplements For Natural Curve Enhancement

1) Maca

Maca is a root plant cultivated in South America and has been used by the natives for healing purposes and consumption as food. According to Cathy Wong, a licensed naturopathic doctor, some of the proposed benefits of maca root powder are helping to address issues of fatigue, certain symptoms of menopause and sexual dysfunction in men and women.
Certain studies have also linked maca root powder with helping to regulate and balance hormones in men and women. According to, maca root works by telling your hypothalamus-pituitary gland when it is producing too much or too little of a particular hormone, helping to regulate that hormone.
The beauty of maca is that it contains no hormones unlike many other herbs that are traditionally used to increase curves. It works with your pituitary glands to promote hormones at optimal levels.

I get mine straight from Amazon:

The standard dosage for maca is 500mg daily and can be taken up to 3000mg or 6x daily. Anything more than that might be overkill. Maca is also a stimulant and has been reported to cause rapid heartbeats in women and the likelihood of this happening increases with a higher dose.
Maca can encourage a more feminine figure by helping to regulate your system and an increased estrogen level can mean more fat deposits in breasts, hips and the booty.
Now keep in mind, your body shape is not solely determined by your hormones. Genetics as well as bone structure are also huge factors. So you have to be realistic.  The main point is promoting optimal hormonal balance can impact the shape of your body and a healthy diet can have a positive impact on hormonal levels.
Personally, I prefer maca in powder form and find that it absorbs better. It can be easily mixed into smoothies, almond milk or other fruit juices. Combining maca with strength training workouts that target areas such as glutes, thighs, hips and lower back to accentuate the curves, can produce fantastic results.

2) Fenugreek

Fenugreek contains a special component known as diosgenin that increases estrogen levels in the body, resulting in bigger breasts and fuller curves overall. Fenugreek does contain phytoestrogens that mimic human estrogens and help to regulate hormones. The standard dosage for fenugreek is 500-1,000mg daily
The one I get is the Soleray brand, you can find it in Wholefoods or directly from Amazon.

3) Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is rich in a variety of potent ingredients. It has flavonoids, plant sterols and fatty acids. It is also brimming with polysaccharides, sugars that are effective in boosting the immune system.

Saw Palmetto is said to mimic the effects of estrogen which increase breast and butt size, especially in puberty and pregnancy. When you take Saw Palmetto supplements, you can spike up the estrogen levels in your body – therefore resulting in bigger butt and breasts.

Apart from increasing estrogen levels in the body, consuming Saw Palmetto also results in the production of prolactin, a hormone usually found in nursing mothers. This substance is the main reason why nursing mothers have bigger breasts and wider hips.

Again here is one I get from Amazon, or you can find it at Wholefoods:

Aside from helping enhance your curves, it’s also great for:

  • Regulated Menstruation
  • Cure for Acne
  • Hair Growth
  • Clearing Internal Passageways

The Fitness Plan to Lose Weight and Maintain Curves

In addition to diet, working out can help tone the right areas while lifting and emphasizing the others. A curvy silhouette is an hourglass in shape, defined shoulders, small waist and full hips, thighs and butt. Light cardio or running, accompanied by strength training, can accentuate your natural curves.
If you’re seriously looking to beef up the booty, then consider weightlifting. Anyone can add volume to any part of their body through targeted, intense weight training supplemented by protein shakes. It’s the same concept men use to build up their biceps or pecs.
Utilizing heavy weights, you work out the area you are looking to accentuate until the muscle is fatigued, this means heavier weights and less reps.

Best Exercise For Rounded Hips and Bigger Bottom

1)Sumo Squats

You may already be familiar with squats, the most popular exercise for building a bigger butt. Sumo squats are probably the best exercise for wider hips. They target your inner and outer hips and promote muscle growth in those areas. If you already do squats as part of your butt building routine, be sure to add so Sumos. The wider the stance the more you will target inner thighs. Sumos are great, they not only target the hips, they work out the entire body from butt to back.

2)Cable Hip Abductions

One of the best ways to target the hips. Hips abductions are not as easy as they look. They are also kind of tricky to do correctly. Even though they recommend higher reps, I would keep it moderate and use a body building approach. With a moderate weight try to do 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps. You want to add to resistance, without getting hurt. Never go too heavy and increase weight slowly thought out the month.

3) Wall  Sits 
Image result for wall sits

Wall squats (also called wall sits) are the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper legs. Stand with your back against a wall, placing your feet about two feet out in front of you. Feet should be hip-distance apart. Bending your knees, slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90-degree angles.

Stick to your routine, switch up your exercises, and always be increasing your weight. Reps for bodybuilding are 8-15, but before doing your set you should set a smaller range (for example, 10-12).

4) One Leg- Cable Kick Backs 

This cable glute kickback effectively targets your glutes(butt) by isolating the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and your hamstring muscles.

It helps you develop shapely legs while increasing muscle tone of the lower body.

If you are performing this hips extension move on your leg day, add it to the last on your list.

The best way to see results is to progress every time with added weight once you get the proper form down. Make it your mission to progress in weight every time you do any exercise.

  1. Stand to face the weight stack and grasp the cable tower for support.
  2. With your knees slightly bent and your abs drawn in, slowly kick your right leg back until your hip is fully extended back with your glutes contracted.
  3.  Pause for 1-2 seconds, then slowly bring your right leg back to the starting position and repeat.
  4. That’s one rep. Do 10-12 reps for 2-3 sets. Repeat on the other side.

Basically, in order to give a rounder, curvier appearance to the hips, the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, hip abductor, hip abductor, hamstrings, and quadriceps need to be worked (however, I notice that working the quads too much gives an odd appearance to the knees.)

The idea is, by tearing down the muscle fibers your body is forced to repair itself by building new muscles to support the strain, and over time, the area becomes thicker and thicker.
Immediately after working out the area, you drink a healthy protein shake which helps your body to repair and build up muscles in the region.
In addition to beefing up the butt, the aim should be a total body workout to shrink belly fat, pump up chest muscles as well as tone back fat, calves and arms. All these different factors will affect how curvy your body looks.

If you’ve ever seen a belly dancer, then you know it can go a long way to tone up the right areas, making the body appear curvy. I suggest combining cardio or running with some belly dancing lessons, which can be both exhilarating and fun.

Lastly, something that I believe to be highly important to maintaining a lovely, shapely physique is posture. Your curvy frame won’t look as alluring if you’re constantly slouched over. That is where a little bit of yoga 1-2 times a week can really help to stretch the muscles and encourage good posture.

Remember to achieve the best results you must be dedicated to working out, incorporating strength training, eating a right amount of fats and protein to enhance targeted muscle growth, and taking the supplements recommended. If there are any other comments and recommendations, please feel free to share your insight below!

 If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been told at some point that you need to have more self-confidence. It’s vitally important to living a happy, fulfilling life, but unfortunately, it often comes off less as sage advice than an empty platitude. You know you need to be confident in yourself, but what does that really mean? And, more importantly, how in the world do you do it? It can be frustrating, but the good news is that there are no prerequisites to being confident. You already have everything you need to become a more confident, self-assured person, and it’s time to get started today.

What is Confidence, Anyway?

We all know it when we see it, except maybe we don’t. Confidence has long been an elusive and nebulous idea, and our understanding of the concept has only begun to improve in recent years. Everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes self-confidence, but in general, there are a few distinguishing hallmarks.

  1. Composure: the ability to stay cool and calm regardless of the situation.
  2. Self-awareness: an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as your core values and beliefs.
  3. Action: the willingness to jump in and take action even in the face of fear and uncertainty.
  4. Self-belief: an implicit belief in your abilities and your capacity to handle a given situation.
    In other words, confidence boils down to a firm understanding of who you are and what you do well, a resolute belief in your abilities and a willingness to act on that belief. It’s important to point out that confidence does not mean knowing all the answers or believing that you can do anything, nor is it an all-or-nothing affair. Confident people have doubts and fears, too, and most people are not confident in every aspect of their lives. Instead, what separates confident people is a willingness to push forward and a belief in their ability to handle whatever comes their way.

“Confidence boils down to a firm understanding of who you are and what you do well, a resolute belief in your abilities and a willingness to act on that belief.”

The Skill of Confidence

Now that we have a better understanding of what confidence actually means, it’s important to point out that it’s not an innate gift given to a lucky few. Confidence is a skill, and like other skills, you can learn and improve it with a bit of hard work and perseverance. This simple switch in thinking has tremendous ramifications, as it means there are really no barriers standing in your way except those that you’ve erected yourself. No matter where you are in life, you can make a conscious decision right now to become a more confident person.This may seem like a lot of work, but there’s no question the rewards are worth it.

So How do You Improve Your Self-Esteem In A Natural Way? 

1. Say stop to your inner critic.

A good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and to replace the voice of your own inner critic.

We all have an inner critic.

It can spur you on to get things done or to do things to gain acceptance from the people in your life. But at the same time it will drag your self-esteem down.

This inner voice whispers or shouts destructive thoughts in your mind. Thoughts like for example:

  • You are lazy and sloppy, now get to work.
  • You aren’t good at your job at all and are replaceable.
  • You are worse or uglier than your friend/co-worker/partner.

You don’t have to accept this though. There are ways to minimize that critical voice and to replace it with more helpful thoughts. You can change how you view yourself.

Image result for confidence vs non confidence

One way to do so is simply to say stop whenever the critic pipes up in your mind.

You can do this by creating a stop-word or stop-phrase.

As the critic says something – in your mind – shout: STOP!

Or use my favorite: No, no, no, we are not going there!

Or come up with a phrase or word that you like that stops the train of the thought driven by the inner critic.

Then refocus your thoughts to something more constructive. Like planning what you want to eat for dinner or your tactic for the next soccer game.

In the long run it also helps a lot to find better ways to motivate yourself than listening to your inner critic. So let’s move on to that…

2. Use healthier motivation habits.

To make the inner critic less useful for yourself and that voice weaker and at the same time motivate yourself to take action and raise your self-esteem it is certainly helps to have healthy motivation habits.

A few that I have used to replace and fill up much of the place that the inner critic once held in my mind are these:

  • Remind yourself of the benefits. A simple but powerful way to motivate yourself and to keep that motivation up daily is to write down the deeply felt benefits you will get from following this new path or reaching a goal.
    Like for example getting into better shape and having more energy for your kids and the people close to you. Or making more money and through that being able to travel with the love of your life and experience wonderful new things together.
    When your list is done then save it and put it somewhere where you will see it every day. For instance in your workspace or on your fridge.
  • Refocus on doing what YOU really, really like to do. When you really, really like doing something then the motivation to do that thing tends to comes pretty automatically. When you really want something in life then it also becomes easier to push through any inner resistance you feel.
    So if you lose your motivation, ask yourself: Am I doing what I really want to do? If not and if possible, then refocus and start working on that very important thing instead.

After you have used your stop-word or phrase focus on one of these techniques. Over time it will become a habit and your inner critic will pop up a lot less often.

3. Take a 2 minute self-appreciation break.

This is a very simple and fun habit. And if you spend just two minutes on it every day for a month then it can make huge difference.

Here’s what you do:

Take a deep breath, slow down and ask yourself this question: what are 3 things I can appreciate about myself?

A few examples that have come up when I have used to do this exercise are I:

  • Help quite a few people each day through what I write.
  • Can make people laugh and forget about their troubles.
  • Am very thoughtful and caring when it comes to my friends problems and concerns.

These things don’t have to be big things.

Maybe just that you listened fully for a few minutes to someone who needed it today. That you took a healthy walk or bike ride after work. That you are a caring and kind person in many situations.

These short breaks do not only build self-esteem in the long run but can also turn a negative mood around and reload you with a lot of positive energy again.

4. Write down 3 things in the evening that you can appreciate about yourself.

This is a variation of the habit above and combining the two of them can be extra powerful for two boosts in self-esteem a day.

Or you may simply prefer to use this variation at the end of your day when you have some free time for yourself to spare.

What you do is to ask yourself the question from the last section:

What are 3 things I can appreciate about myself?

Write down your answers every evening in a journal made out of paper or on your computer/smart phone.

A nice extra benefit of writing it down is that after a few weeks you can read through all the answers to get a good self-esteem boost and change in perspective on days when you may need it the most.

Image result for self-appreciation break

5. Do the right thing.

When you do what you deep down think is the right thing to do then you raise and strengthen your self-esteem.

It might be a small thing like getting up from the couch and going to the gym. It could be to be understanding instead of judgmental in a situation. Or to stop feeling sorry for yourself and focus on the opportunities and gratitude for what you actually have.

It is not always easy to do. Or even to know what the right thing is. But keeping a focus on it and doing it as best you can makes big difference both in the results you get and for how you think about yourself.

One tip that makes it easier to stay consistent with doing the right thing is to try to take a few such actions early in the day. Like for example giving someone a compliment, eating a healthy breakfast and working out.

  • Free Printables. Do the right thing even when no on is looking poster by technologyrocksseriously.: 6. Replace the Need for  Perfectionism.Few thought habits can be so destructive in daily life as perfectionism.It can paralyze you from taking action because you become so afraid of not living up to some standard. And so you procrastinate and you do not get the results you want. This will make your self-esteem sink.Or you take action but are never or very rarely satisfied with what you accomplished and your own performance. And so your opinion and feelings about yourself become more and more negative and your motivation to take action plummets.perfectionism is self abuse. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.: How can you overcome perfectionism?A few things that really helped me are:
    1. Go for good enough. When you aim for perfection then that usually winds up in a project or a task never being finished. So simply go for good enough instead. Don’t use it as an excuse to slack off. But simply realize that there is something called good enough and when you are there then you are finished.
    2. Remember that buying into myths of perfection will hurt you and the people in your life. This simple reminder that life is not like in a movie, a song or a book can be good reality check whenever you are daydreaming of perfection. Because reality can clash with your expectations when they are out of this world and harm or even possibly lead to the end of relationships, jobs, projects  and so on.

    7. Be kinder towards other people.

    When you are kinder towards others you tend to treat and think of yourself in a kinder way too. And the way you treat other people is how they tend to treat you in the long run.

    So focus on being kind in your daily life.

    Studies have shown that self-confident people are more productive, often have larger social groups, are viewed as more attractive and charismatic, are chosen more often for jobs and promotions and generally lead happier, more well-rounded lives. Self-confidence also gives you the strength to navigate difficult situations more successfully, and it tends to lead to healthy, positive life choices. It’s difficult to overstate just how much a healthy dose of self-confidence can improve your life, which should be plenty of incentive to get started and take a more active role in becoming the confident, self-assured person you know you can be.

    The Road to Self-Confidence

    On a practical level, the biggest hurdle is often overcoming negative self-talk. We all have an inner critic that likes to spark doubt and point out our shortcomings, and dealing with this voice can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, there’s a simple tip that can make all the difference. While the voice may never go away, it’s much easier to correct and redirect it. Pay attention to your inner critic and, instead of accepting or ignoring it, challenge it. Is the negativity caused by a valid issue? If it’s not, consciously replace those negative thoughts with more positive ones. If it is, redirect it by focusing on ways you can better yourself rather than becoming mired in negativity.


    In addition, it’s important never to let perfect be the enemy of good. In other words, don’t become so caught up in doing things perfectly that you fail to appreciate your ability to do things well enough. We tend to magnify our own flaws and critique ourselves far more harshly than others do, and while it’s great to always strive to do better, sometimes all you need is a reminder that you’re good enough already. It’s also helpful to remember that it’s okay to fail. If there’s something you’d like to do but are afraid of failing at, do it anyway and view the result as a learning experience. Everyone fails occasionally – it’s how we respond to failure that matters.

    Since finding  a new found confidence, I took 100% responsibility for my life because the idea of dying was scarier than the idea of living. If I was going to live, I decided I will do it in the best possible way.

    So, what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be!


If you have any other tips you implement to help become more confident, share them below 🙂



While vanity is often the main driver for the desire for a slimmer waistline, a flat stomach is often indicative of a person’s overall good health. Modern fitness and nutritional research warn us that there are no special exercises that can be done to specifically target belly fat for elimination. It’s all about eating clean, whole foods and getting adequate exercise so that your body’s hormones balanced and you lose fat uniformly as a result. However, what if you are at your ideal weight and body fat measurement, and your tummy is still chronically distended? This could be a sign that you are not digesting your foods properly which is causing unnecessary bloating. Here are five flat stomach tips that aid digestion and result in less bloat and fat.

I used to think that our body shapes were solely determined by Mother Nature, which may  be only partially true, but through some research I found out that body shape was not always the direct result of an apathetic attitude toward working out and mother nature. Various body shapes can develop from improperly functioning glands or organs,

Leaders within the medical community, like Eric Berg, DC are finally clarifying body shape issues and their links to hormone imbalances in ways that the average person can understand. If you’ve ever had a hard time losing weight, keeping the weight off, have stubborn fat areas, gaining weight, or food cravings , I can guarantee that hormones are to blame. If you don’t believe me, then think about the person you know who can eat anything he wants and can still stay skinny. How? Yes, it’s  his high metabolism, but metabolism is controlled by hormones, 6 fat burning hormones and 3 fat making hormones to be exact.

Resiting cravings and avoiding takeout when hunger hits are some of the biggest challenges even the healthiest person has to face. I firmly believe your nutritional goals can be met without being in the kitchen doing hours of meal prep.  With this Ultimate Grocery Guide you’ll be able to skip fast-food lines and unnecessary calories, reclaim hours lost spent steaming veggies, and head to your local supermarket to create affordable healthy lunch ideas for when you’re on the go.

Have you ever felt guilty after downing a savory dish you knew to be bad for your health? I sure have. Science proves, however, that while traditional notions of dietary nutrition play an important role in determining the impact of a meal on your health, these chemical factors account for only half of the equation dictating how food affects your body. Contrary to conventional wisdom, your perceptions about the nutritional value of your diet actually drive the other half of the nutritional equation.

My bedroom is my sanctuary, in addition to being a place where I go to escape for peace, stimulation and rest. It’s the only place which allows me to revitalize my body and cleanse my thoughts.

For me, having a place to focus on my creativity was the ultimate motivation in detoxing my room, but in case you need better reasons , cleaning a messy bedroom can reduce your stress, improve sleep quality and eliminate the chances of developing a mental disorder.

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