Support your digestion and freshen your breath this delicious and zesty green juice for your gut health. This is my go to green juice in the morning. It helps alkalize your body, thanks to the greens which detoxify, hydrate and nourish your cells.

Why It’s So Good For You

Celery and cucumber help to soothe the digestive tract, while lime detoxifies your body. Celery provides protection against inflammation of the digestive tract, with just one cup meeting more than 1/2 of your daily needs for vitamin K ( necessary for bone broth health and blood clotting)  The addition of fennel and ginger facilitate digestion and assists in eliminating bad breath.


Use Organic and locally farmed ingredients when possible!

Supreme Digest Green Juice

Support your digestion and freshen your breath with this delicious green juice!

  • 3 Organic Celery Stalks, Leaves Removed
  • 3 Organic Cucumbers
  • 1 Organic Fennel Bulb
  • 1 Organic Lemon
  • 1 Organic Tumeric
  • 1 bunch Organic Sunflower Sprouts
  • 3 Organic Kale Leaves
  • 1 half Organic Cara Cara Oranges
  1. Juice All Ingredients

  2. Enjoy

Since being in quarantine, I attempted to zen my apartment and give it the TLC it deserves. Since our home is the only place all of us can be in right now,  I took it upon myself to add new houseplants and bring nature into my sanctuary.

Not only do I find plants so aesthetically pleasing, they have enormous benefits and can really shift the energy in any room. Indoor plants are proven to improve your mental and physical well-being in ways you probably didn’t even realize, from  allowing you to breathe easier, focus better, to simply feeling happier.

My affinity for plants is known throughout my house and I have at least one plant or flower in all my rooms l. I love waking up to greenery and taking the time to rejuvenate with them, it almost makes me feel as if I am living in a mini jungle retreat.

Here a few of my house plants I have in my apartment, which will hopefully inspire you to be mindful of the adaptability plants and hope plants can restore in your life.

1. Peace Lily

chic large peace lily plant with dog

Peace lily is one of the most attractive houseplants which can effortlessly and naturally spruce up the home decor with its beautiful appearance. The bright green leaves and the gorgeous white flowers make this plant appealing to the eyes and makes the home decor look sophisticated and appealing in every way. A small peace lily plant looks best when placed in the corner of the rooms, on tables or shelves. Peace lily plant is a wonderful choice as it a low-maintenance and can survive without sunlight in bright indoor light. Peace lIly’s are best known for cleaning the air specifically of mold.

2. Elephant Ear Orchid

beautiful yellow orchids

This has to be my second favorite flower in the house right now. I used it a center piece in my coffee table. I was given these as a gift for my anniversary, and I couldn’t have been happier. Yellow orchids are the perfect way to add brightness to a space. With their vitality and vibrance, they also bring a symbol of joy and new beginnings. These beautiful flowers are a go-to gift for newlyweds, new parents, housewarming events, or anyone headed back to work or school.

3. Devils Ivylarge hanging devil ivy plant

A classic house plant, the devils ivy.  It was my first plant, and was given to me on my birthday last year and it has flourished so beautifully. It now touches the floor, it’s longest stem is now 6 feet.  The devils ivy plant is anything but evil, it’s so gorgeous, voluminous and easy to take care of. It’s literally impossible to kill.  I actually have two and am waiting for the other one to grow just as big 🙂  The Devil’s Ivy is another plant with benefits for  cleansing the air of pollutants, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene and formaldehyde.

4.Bromeliadsbromeliad plants

Spiky, colorful, exotic: Bromeliads tick off the boxes for many houseplant fans. These houseplants make a great flashy plants in your home I have it as stand  alone. The tall, spiky nature of bromeliads make them an eye-catching thriller plant in a combination container planting. (The thriller plant is the tall focal point of a planter) and adds a pop of color in a house of neutral colors.

5. White Orchid

6. My Desk Plants – Ginkgo Biloba Tree & Money Tree

money tree plants for desk

8. Bird Of Paradise Plant

large bird of paradise home plant

Unusual, gorgeous, and tropical basically sums up the Birds of Paradise Plant. This houseplant has also grown so many leaves over the past year, and makes me  happy with its vibrant color and tropical feel. The large green leaves are good for air circulation and purification due to their size. Splitting on the leaves is natural, so if you purchase one, no need to worry about that occurrence.

So I am not really following a gluten-free diet, but since being in quarantine has me reaching out for all kinds of snacks, I decided to try to feel better about my choices by cleaning up my banana bread craving. For this gluten-free version I decided to For this banana bread, I decided to go for coconut flour.

How to Make Gluten-Free Banana Bread

This banana-bread is super simple to make

This gluten-free banana bread recipe is a one bowl wonder that is super easy to make, you don’t even need a mixer, just a fork and spoon.

Step 1- Mash the bananas until smooth. (photo 1)
Step 2- Add all the other ingredients and stir. (photo 2)
Step 3- Pour bread batter into a greased 4 X 8 loaf pan. (photo 3)
Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes. (photo 4)
Store in an air-tight container.


Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Gluten-Free Banana Bread is simple, delicious, and full of flavor with clean ingredients

  • 1/2 cup grass fed softened butter
  • 1 cup organic cane sugar
  • 3 bananas finely-mashed organic bananas (the riper the better)
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 cup crushed walnuts ((optional))
  • 1/4 cup chia seeeds
  • 2 eggs Pasture Raised Organic Eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. Preheat oven to 350º / 180º

  2. Cream together butter and sugar

  3. Add eggs and crushed bananas & combine well

  4. Sift together flour, soda and salt.

  5. Add to creamed mixture.

  6. Add vanilla, chia seeds and flax seeds.

  7. Mix just until combined – Do not overmix.

  8. Pour into greased and floured loaf pan

  9. .Bake at 350º / 180º f for 50 minutes


Hand sanitizers are usually abundant, but these days because of COVID-19 it may be difficult to locate.  in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is understandably consumed by the process of hand sanitizing, and many people are finding it nearly impossible to buy sanitizer online or in stores, leaving many to make their own DIY hand sanitizers that are just as effective.

Before this hand sanitizing frenzy,  I was always cautious about overusing hand sanitizer to begin with,  Christian Gonzalez, ND, a naturopathic doctor, warns that hand sanitizers can “enhance dermal penetration of BPA.” Otherwise known as bisphenol-A, a chemical that interferes with the endocrine system, leading in some cases to negative effects on the brain and prostate gland. Gonzalez also advises consumers to avoid hand sanitizers that include triclosan, which may actually weaken your immune system and disrupt your hormone regulation. That rule shouldn’t be too difficult to follow, as the Food & Drug Administration ruled in 2016 that soaps and hand sanitizers containing triclosan could no longer be marketed to consumers. (Products like cosmetics and toothpaste still utilize triclosan, so read your labels carefully.)

I am not saying hand sanitizer is a direct cause of these issues, but continuous exposure to these ingredients transdermally entering our bloodstream is something I am willing to minimize any chance I get.

This shouldn’t mean that we have to stop our habit of being clean, take control of your health and make your own super simple DIY hand sanitizer with essential oils. Essential oils are a staple in my house for all my alternative cleaning solutions because they have been proven to be anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. Here’s a recipe I have been using from Dr. Eric Sileniski and I believe it’s a great alternative because it leaves my hands very soft, clean and I don’t find myself using it too much. I even use it as a body spray at the gym. My favorite essential oils with strong antimicrobial activity are organic tea tree oil and organic eucalyptus oil.

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

What You Need

Put 5 drops of essential oil through a container with a pouring spoutto get into your glass jar. Next, add a few drops of vitamin e oil or aloe gel and then add a few drops of witch hazel. Give the bottle a little shake and then put the water through the funnel until it reaches capacity!

Sanitize your spray bottles and pour in your hand sanitizer. Spray some of your leftover alcohol into your bottles and let them sit until the alcohol has evaporated. Pour in your sanitizer.

Label your containers. You don’t want any accidents where you or anybody else ingests your newly made hand sanitizer. Take the time to label your bottles. Continue living.

Update: Because of the demand for sanitizer, during COVID-19, this recipe does not claim to kill viruses like commercial sanitizers, You have the option to replace the witch hazel with 70%of  91% isopropyl alcohol to kill viruses.


Tired of feeling anxious, uncertain, or scared? Yeah, I am too. If you’re anything like the rest of us and have already lost countless hours watching the news, Googling symptoms, and managing minor panic attacks– then it’s time we collectively got our shit together and face time in quarantine like boss babes. A viral pandemic is pretty terrifying, but chances are, you’ve lived through harder times and you’ll live through this too.

The biggest risk you may be facing right now is not making the most of your time in lockdown. Assuming you and your loved ones are healthy, it’s time to reprogram how you go about your day so that life, growth, and fun aren’t put on hold.

Here are 7 tips to making the most of self-isolation that can fuel purposeful living even under the most uncertain circumstances.

Prioritize Gratitude

Everyone’s experiencing anxiety now more than ever before. It can feel as if it comes out of nowhere and can consume your energy. Sometimes it lasts 15 minutes, other times it can overtake your entire day.

Get out ahead of anxiety by prioritizing the feeling of gratitude first thing in the morning. Let positive thoughts be your primary focus the first 30 minutes to an hour after waking. This can be done through prayer, meditation, or journaling. Let what you have, who you have, and all that you’re thankful for be the leading thought that guides your day. This is an ideal way to live under normal circumstances, but under the current ones an attitude of gratitude is paramount.

Protect Your Mental Health

Now is a critical time to protect and nourish your mental health. The method to sustaining a positive outlook may be different for everyone but it’s crucial that whatever it is, you do it regularly and consistently. If you need time alone to re-center, don’t feel guilty for locking yourself in the bedroom. Always take care of your mental health before you try to deal with others.

Strengthen Your Immune System

It’s time to up the green smoothies, max out your step count and top up on the supplements. It’s more likely you’ll let stress and anxiety wreck your immune system than catching coronavirus. So, enforce healthy habits will combat cortisol (the “stress” hormone that leads to weight gain and depression), to make self-isolation safer and as comfortable as possible.

If you don’t already have a supplement regimen in place, here are a few to consider taking under these unique circumstances–some may require the green light from your physician.

Alternative Supplements that strengthen the immunes defensive system:

Natural Supplements to naturally sustain energy

And above all, stay hydrated, eat as many raw fruits and veggies you can get your hands on, and exercise at least 3 times a week.

Learn Something New

If you’re not used to being in the house this often, quarantine can get really dull really quickly. But, you may never get the chance to be free of so many external distractions and time stealers which why this is an opportune time to learn something new.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to speak conversational Spanish, be able to pick up a paintbrush and create, sharpen your dance moves, or bake that recipe you keep putting on hold–now’s your time!

Support Your Community

Once you’ve managed to find your own internal homeostasis, give back to a community that could use some of your positive momentum. You can support your community by 

  • Showing kindness and compassion every chance you get 
  • Order takeout from local restaurants to help keep them afloat
  • Donate goods you may have overstocked to the elderly
  • Or simply share something positive on social media to help cut through the sad news
  • Donate blood–always an easy and lifesaving option

It’s important to protect yourself and your family at this time, but any chance you have to give back is an opportunity to raise the collective vibration and share much-needed comfort and hope to those who may struggle in finding it right now.

Deepen Your Relationships

Facetiming, texting, and phone calls are more prevalent now than ever and are a saving grace to escaping the knuckleheads at home who are probably driving you crazy. You may find old friends coming out of the woodworks and might even have to dodge an ex or two. 

Staying in touch on a daily or weekly basis with your nearest and dearest will be immensely cathartic in getting through quarantine. You don’t have to entertain every message coming your way, but focus your spare time having meaningful conversations with your favorite people. You can even get a bunch of you together on a group video call. Digital parties are all the rage. Get dolled up, grab your favorite wine, and have an online ball with your besties!

Let Yourself Be Lazy

This is definitely not the season for type A personalities, BUT it’s time to make an exception for your obsession with productivity. Because somedays during quarantine, it’s just not going to happen. Even if you established the most well-rounded routine, including the tips found here, there will be a time or two, or three where you just can’t find the willpower to meditate, do yoga, read, or eat vegetables. 

Somedays will look like living in your Pj’s, eating leftover pizza, and staring at a screen, and that’s okay. The important thing is to love yourself no matter what your days look like or if you lose track of the last time you brushed your hair or put on makeup. Skip the guilt trips and remind yourself that this won’t last forever. You can kick ass, prioritize, reorganize, and routine your way through another day.

Change is the rule of life. As the pendulum swings to left, it must also swing to the right. Quarantine won’t last forever, so make the most of the time you’ve been given. When we all crawl out of our caves when this all passes, how will you re-emerge?

I am a really visual person, I love watching videos, drawing things out and looking at the beautiful scenery. I really think pictures really capture the essence of a moment, as most would agree. Lately, I have been really wanting to post my more photos and even videos of myself to start a YouTube channel, but I can’t get past the fear of the camera.

My Fear of Taking Selfies

Yes, as hard as it is to say, I have a fear of taking photos that have come and go for as long as I can remember. I never really considered it as an issue until I got into a relationship and realized I have absolutely no memories to look back on. I have about 3-4 photos with him and we have been going out for over a year. We have a really beautiful and fun relationship, but nobody would even guess since I don’t post.

It doesn’t stop there, I have rarely any photos of the most exciting times in my life, from my solo travels to celebrations, and now it’s really getting to me that those memories only exist in my head.

While it may sound very weird, I know my fear of taking pictures goes way beyond the actual fear and more with my self-confidence and self-esteem. For the past two years, I would go out of my way to take a photo by making excuses someone is calling me, or hiding in a bathroom to not take the picture until it’s over, or simply saying I don’t feel well.

It’s become such a habit, that my close friends and family don’t ask me anymore because they know the answer is always no.  I am constantly denying my mother, and now my boyfriend and It really is bothering me now because I really am not an insecure person when you meet me. I’m really confident, happy, and lively. I love the way I look about 90% of the time when I see a mirror, with or without makeup and almost always try to radiate good energy, but there is something when I stop to take a photo and then see the photo, it COMPLETELY SHATTERS MY DAY.

Dramatic to some, but this is a reality to me. I am not talking about picking a certain aspect of myself. I start picking on everything and then I really question If I looked like this the whole time, because the person I see in the photos does not reflect the person who I feel I look like or am.

It really affects me and I start thinking about the photo for the next couple of hours, letting it affect my mood and energy or I think about photos that I felt great that day in but the photo made scared my self-esteem. It’s a very strange feedback loop that has turned into this habit.

For that reason, I would rather not post a photo. My mind is either finding things that aren’t there or I struggle to accept the reality of things.

I certainly know people photoshop something they don’t like of themselves, but I really don’t want to get in that habit of photoshopping everything I don’t like. It really makes no sense to photoshop myself into something I’m not and give people this false perception when they actually meet me. I also don’t believe in going into the plastic

But regardless, I am not trying to be perfect, I am just trying to be more comfortable taking photos. I feel if I were to show myself more, It would be alot  easier to brand this blog, or create my ebooks to help you guys, but in all sincerity the fear of photos is really hindering my work. I have also gotten the opportunity to partake in the Maxim Covergirl challenge, I signed up by complete randomness and submitted my instagram photos,  and didn’t even expect to get approved, but I did and was given entry to be featured. It’s probably not something I will do because my fear of taking new professional photos will stop me.

Do I have Body Dysmorphia?

I feel if I am able to overcome this, my opportunities and brand will grow 10x, but for now I am stuck. It’s sometimes not as easy as taking a photo and accepting it. My perception in my head really is opposite of what I see in photos and I am not sure if I can start accepting what I see in photos. It’s very bizarre,  maybe a form of body dysmorphia ? According to , body dysmorphia includes:

  • Being extremely preoccupied with a perceived flaw in appearance that to others can’t be seen or appears minor
  • Strong belief that you have a defect in your appearance that makes you ugly or deformed
  • Belief that others take special notice of your appearance in a negative way or mock you
  • Engaging in behaviors aimed at fixing or hiding the perceived flaw that are difficult to resist or control, such as frequently checking the mirror, grooming or skin picking
  • Attempting to hide perceived flaws with styling, makeup or clothes
  • Constantly comparing your appearance with others
  • Always seeking reassurance about your appearance from others
  • Having perfectionist tendencies
  • Seeking frequent cosmetic procedures with little satisfaction
  • Avoiding social situations 
  • Being so preoccupied with appearance that it causes major distress or problems in your social life, work, school or other areas of functioningI have 3 of the 11 mentioned, and bolded those I believe apply to me, but it’s not happening all the time, they only pop up when I need to take photos as I mentioned.

While it may sound like a rare hinderance, do any of you experience this kind of fear or phobia? What have you done to get over the fear of taking photos. Is this a form of body dysmorphia or just a phobia? I really would love to hear some of your  to help me push through and get over this fear. Just leave a comment below so I can get a chance to read your advice! Thank you in advance.

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