It’s so easy to thank God/Universe when things go great, but how do we keep the faith when times get tough?  Much of the time its harder than what we would like.

In an instant things can turn for the worst.  Life can be turned upside and  you feel you have this dark cloud walking over you everywhere. When you get the bad news and the appearance of life is now shaking you, try to remember to say one of the three prayers( or all) during the time of need:

Ask For Help

If you feel stuck spiritually,  take a chance on the universe, and let the Truth from you heart come out on what is you need healed.

Silence can be prayer, rage be prayer, as long as you’re telling the truth of your heart , deepest part of our heart that’s prayer.

When a challenge arises in your life, don’t forget to ask for help. We were not born to suffer, but to flourish. I am 100% convinced in that. There’s so much abundance and beauty in this world, that you can ask the higher calling to help you navigate through any hurdles. It’s happened to many people and can and will happen to you as long as you surrender for help

Thank You For Giving

None of us know what in the world we are doing, but we need to say thank you. Even during the bad times say thank you, because you know there is a rainbow in every cloud. Wherever you are right now, you are going to come out of the other side, because whatever it is you’re going to get right out of it.

Get in the habit for saying thanks for tender mercy’s. We are here to love and endure the beams of loves, and if you’re heart is open, you can find an opportunity of love everywhere you go,.

My new wrist tattoo of a heart to remind me to love daily and keep my heart open.

If you’re heart is open you start flirting with it. If you understand why we are here you start understanding we are here to give. We are naturally wired to give. We can create the love we were not feeling. We start creating this energy and it will go everywhere with yo, at the supermarket, DMV, post office. There is always an opportunity to let it through. The culture tells you if you do well enough, then so much love will come your way. But don’t wait. Immerse in it and breathe into every fiber of your body. Let love come in and say thank you in the midst of turmoil.

Don’t Forget to Say..WOW!

First thing in the morning say WOW! WOW, for Another shot of breath!

Have you ever seen how your dog looks at you in the morning? They give you a ministry of love like this isn’t the 435th morning they have seen you. You are their wow every single time you enter through that door. Say wow for those little things. Wow for breathing, wow for every kiss from your love. WOW for every butterfly that passes. Like look at you. Look at how beautiful you are.

Just remember GOD/Universe can be an acronym for good direction, faith, we see slivers of it everywhere. I have a belief no force is responsible for creating the chaos, but the help appears in a good friend, the helpers, that’s where god is going to be.  God is in the help, the healing, the crying, the tears help you cleanse, bath, and hydrate the earth.  Help is the prayer of surrender.

We live in the hope of truth, in the hope of light. To hope is to make you vulnerable, to be in armor is what the world teaches you to do. 

But when you’re in hope you’re trying  to get from a very bad and scary place to a place where you can breathe and get the sunlight, and you will be ok 100% of the time in my experience.  Remember that your feelings are an inside job even if there is a storm around. I won’t lie to you, this takes time to master this art.

Become an alchemist and choose to feel good during turmoil. That pain will give will be INTENSE BUT BECOME A  BEAUTIFUL BREAKTHROUGH!

If you’re going through a bad time appreciate the sacredness in everyday life and leave your heart open, it’s how you’ll be able to heal the wounded parts of you  to become whole again.


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