Embracing these seemingly small aspects about life is what can empower us and equip us with the tools to live more fulfilling lives.

I’m currently trying my absolute best to apply these simple rules to make my life much more easier. When  I find myself extremely stressed, mad, or overwhelmed, I try to remind myself this emotion will pass, and to dwell. I have to give myself that hard truth that because death is inevitable, I desire to become the best version of myself, which means not making myself miserable, permanently. Practicing these new habits has made me experience  wonderful, uncomfortable, and weird emotions  but has given me the strength to liberate myself from people and situations, that no longer served a purpose for me, or kept me complacent.

Read on and as you discover each point, make it a life goal to remember them and make life a bit more easier.

1.  Be completely honest

With yourself.  We are all taught to believe that lying, deceiving, or keeping information from others is wrong but, what about lying to ourselves? We have the courage to be brutally honest with others, but we are cowards when it comes to being honest with ourselves.

Yet sometimes, the only truth that can make a difference is the one we admit when we look at ourselves in the mirror. And sometimes, that truth is the only one that can set us free.

2. Have the guts to pursue your dreams

Sure, the entire world is telling you that you are wasting your time, but in your heart, you know you are doing what you were born to be. Press on! People that put you down when you share your goals with them don’t understand the purpose of life.

They don’t understand that living a life without fulfilling what you feel you were meant to do is truly a life wasted. You have a unique gift in life, one that this world needs to see and experience. Believe in your heart that you were created with a purpose, and believe that you were created for greatness. For example starting this blog has been a long life dream of mine. To share my opinionated voice and hours to research with others, has always been something I wanted to do.

Another major goal of mine, was to become my own boss! This is something that I always though was improbable, but my drive to get out of a corporate lifestyle and make money my own means was one of my ultimate goals. With my persistence, dedication, research, and obsession , I took on the role of  launching  my online boutique, all while working from home and working at my expense. It’s by far one of the most happiest moments in my life.

3. Honor your parents

This one may be difficult…Yet, there is something sacred and honest about doing honoring your parents. Regardless of the circumstances, you are here because of them.

Appreciate the opportunity of having family and being a part of something that goes beyond choice. After all, you didn’t choose your parents, God chose them for you! So be thankful and honor them.


4. Forgive but don’t forget

Holding a grudge is really not a pretty thing to hold onto. Be willing to forgive, but don’t force yourself to forget others’ wrongdoings.

Being let down is an important life lesson, so forgive, but don’t feel you must forget. It is completely OK to remember what you’ve been through as it will enable you to be grateful for who you have become.


5. Remember that your smile can change the world

You have a very powerful tool that can truly change the world around you – your smile. You have the ability to try and make someone’s day 100% better just by sharing a simple smile! In addition, sharing a smile with a stranger will empower you to remove fears as it will inevitably make you step out of your comfort zone.


6. Enjoy silence

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with cellphones, televisions, radios and every other device that keeps you forever connected, it is imperative that you take time to enjoy silence. Enjoy the quietness that surrounds you, recharge yourself and rediscover your thoughts.

7. Live in the present

We need to live more in the moment. Living in the moment—also called mindfulness—is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present. When you become mindful, you realize that you are not your thoughts; you become an observer of your thoughts from moment to moment without judging them. Mindfulness involves being with your thoughts as they are, neither grasping at them nor pushing them away. Instead of letting your life go by without living it, you awaken to experience.

Cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of the present bestows a host of benefits. Mindfulness reduces stress, boosts immune functioning, reduces chronic pain, lowers blood pressure, and helps patients cope with cancer. By alleviating stress, spending a few minutes a day actively focusing on living in the moment reduces the risk of heart disease.

Yesterday is gone – learn from it. Tomorrow has not yet come, so prepare for it.Today is here – fully enjoy it because you will never again have this exact moment. Be willing to experience each second of life you have been gifted, because life is too short and precious to waste it thinking about what was or what could be.

8. Don’t Judge Others

This was a really bad habit for me. I am currently still trying my best to get rid of this nasty habit i had of judging everyone who didn’t think like me or share my view on things. This is a horrible habit, I picked up from my Mom( sorry Mom!) Growing up I heard her judge people she never even knew or met, I unconsciously was picking up this mentality. Her mindset rubbed off on me and we would alway’s judge people who we barely knew, or our family memebers who did wrong. When I left my mom’s home at 19,  I had less noise to listen to and was more in tune with my thoughts. I experienced life, had less gossip in my house, met all kinds of people. experienced wild, crazy, good and bad things. 5 years later, I went to live with my mother again  and she still has this habit. Every new story she has, must involve her two cents of criticizing or judging someone who didn’t come in terms with beliefs. I couldn’t believe how small minded she sounded to me, and I couldn’t believe I used to think like this. What differentiated me from her, were my life experiences and how mindful  I was of people and the choices they needed to make  Every action someone takes has a motive, good or bad. We all make mistakes and achieve accomplishments and  we must respect an individual’s choice and respect how a person chooses to live his or her life. I believe that people, regardless of what they are or aren’t doing, are where they need to be at that point in time. We all have lessons to learn in life, and no one other than God knows for sure what those lessons are. Most of the time, we are not consciously aware of what lessons we are in the process of remembering until after the fact. So if we don’t know what we are learning at that moment in time, how could any other human know what we are to learn and go through? If we have no clue what a person is in the process of learning, then we should try not to make judgments on how they personally choose to proceed. You will have great difficulty achieving peace of mind and joy unless you respect how others choose to live their lives. That means respecting everyone’s choices: the drug dealer on the street, the Pope, a homeless person, the president of the United States. To respect how someone lives his or her life is to be able to look at people without judgment. For example, you can choose to respect a stripper for the human being that he or she is and, at the same time, decide not to support his or her activity financially. To be at a place where you are able to not judge someone’s life requires understanding. You need to understand that you don’t really know how a person’s actions are going to affect him or her or everyone and everything around him or her. You can’t judge him or her, because you really don’t know for sure what lessons that person needs to learn at that point in time. Thus, because we truly don’t understand absolutely everything about the situation, we should not attempt to judge the situation.

Nothing is gained by judging people. Instead, your self-righteousness will most definitely blind you from becoming your very best. Respect everyone around you, but honestly, just worry about yourself, who you can become and what you can accomplish.

9. Help others fulfill their dreams

The amazing Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” Live a life of service to others and you will never feel alone, defeated or unsuccessful.

10. Surround yourself with positive influences

When life gets tough, it is crucial for you to have a strong support system that influences you in a positive way. Strive to surround yourself with positive minds. and strive to remove any negative energy from your life.

Besides, positive influences can empower you to continue your pursuit towards living a more purposeful life.

11. Don’t lose hope

Regardless of the circumstances you may be facing, believe that there is always a way out.  As long as you are breathing, there is room for growth, change, and hope. There is always hope, it is everywhere, you just need to keep looking!

12. Be kind…even if others don’t “deserve” it

Call it Karma, the golden rule, or whatever else you like. But you must remember to always be kind!

Be kind, not just towards those who treat you right, but also towards the not-so-kind folks. Your actions may teach them a lesson and your heart will remain pure.

13. Fight for love

Love is truly a blessing when you find it, but it is not all bliss. Yet, if you have found your one true love, fight for it! Also remember that it is more than butterflies and gifts, it is unconditionally accepting and embracing the good and bad in others. Love will always be worth the fight.


14. Be a good listener

When others talk, listen. Don’t just watch their mouths move as you plan what to say next, truly listen.

Study their word usage, their tone, their eyes. Give everyone the respect their words deserve.

15. Always keep a book with you

Time is precious and we are forever running out of it. Redeem each moment passing by and keep a book handy; strive to learn something new each day! Reading is not only relaxing, but works out our minds in a way like nothing else can.


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